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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by hollykimalan, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. I have just completed my 2 years post-reg and was planning on joining up full time. Having spent too many years in the TA...most recently in the QA's. I have just realised that with the agenda for change pay rise I now will take a small pay cut to join up! Wierd aint it! Now I need to convince my wife that this make sense.....
    Anyone else spot this annomaly....
  2. pro's and con's

    are you joining commisioned??

    are you going to be unaccompanied??

    do you have a mortage - or are you renting??

    will you be paying community charge etc etc

    what you may lose in pay - you may benefit in other ways.
    Married Quarters are cheaper than renting.
    Community charges are lower

    if you are unaccompanied (you move as the army needs, and your wife stays in the house) then you dont pay food and accom charges!
  3. I have an £700 a month mortgage with about £60,000 worth of positive equity to take with us if we sell up to take an army house. I guess I could be quids in....and I am paying £200 a month on my NHS dont pay that do you in the army?
    I know it aint all about money. I really want to join up to support the poor bastards out there doing Bush/Blairs dirty work in crap conditions!
    I maybe need to ask some serious questions on the familiarisation visit!
    alan r
  4. Try having a chat here at the OnLine Office:

    Depending on what you join and what quals you bring there could be a Golden Hello.
  5. The Defence medical services are currently umming and arring over a big pay review because agenda for change has apprently 'closed the gap' between military and civillian nurses pay and, in some cases, exceeded the pay taken home by military nurses. so this is being addressed.

    The pay recieved, at the moment, is based on rank with small increments here and there, not necessarily clinical skill and competence. Make sure you ask direct specific questions to the QA's when they interview you.

    I am married with a child and own a house and things are great in the army. Over all the pay is really good, the conditions are ok, but make sure ou ask lots of questions so you really know what you are getting into
  6. dont sell - rent it out! have someone else pay your mortage for you
  7. i still cant work out how this happens, i only qualified last year and still earn more than the nurse practitioners that i have to bleep to do my cannulation/ecg/catheterisation
  8. Anyone come across or able to produce a straightforward comparison of Agenda for Change and non-commissioned military nursing pay? I know I haven't. On speaking to a few of my military colleagues, I'd guess they come out slightly ahead. Obviously rank/rate would complicate matters, but how does a Corporal/Leading Hand registered nurse stack up against a Band 5 (Ok, I'm assuming that they are comparable, which some may argue is not the case)?
  9. The only way we might know about comparison is if we all get 'open' about what we earn....
    For example.
    I qualified in Oct 2004. When I started I was on £17,400 or there abouts. Some months I was struggling to get £1000 clear in my hand!
    Last tax year I acutally earned earned £28,000 inlcuding enhancements though my post agenda for change salary is now £21,800. I think I might brush £30k this tax year. That is including about 1 extra shift a month and my night duty payments which we do one month in three.

    Since agenda for change my take home pay has went from approx £1050-£1100 per month to £1600-£1850 per month:- in less than 18 months! I am still only band 5.
    I know you guys probably earn more and dont have to do extra shifts here and there...but I am cuddled up with my wife every night.

    Having said all that...I know it 'aint all about the money.....try telling my wife!
  10. Take home for a nurse in the military is around 1700 quid per month. This is, of course subject to change with the minor annual increment and of course this pay review thingy. Also miltary (dms) nurses to not get paid overtime or un sociable hours. However there are sweetners such as the nearly £2500 you get extra for a six month tour (iraq, afgan, the list is endless) and the extra five quid (increases the more days you do) a day for being in a dusty sh!t hole. So from what you said this is about the high end of what you pull down at the mo, maybe a bit more. also there is promotion and other wonderous things I am not yet aware of. so all in all not a bad life
  11. Left as an SSgt in 2005 on just over £32000, take home of around £2100.

    In the NHS I was originally graded a H on £30000 with then Outer London Weighting, take home of around £1800, bloody NHS pension takes a slice, plus my £9000 a yr pension, YES!

    Following AfC my same post picked up an 8B on £41000, take home of around £2500 plus mil pension.

    So I’m better of out than in, plus no more tours etc, downside is NHS politics & culture is a nightmare, & current job security is less than certain.

    Benefits to service life, is originally I loved the travel, the work, the people, then due to a number of reasons discussed on here frequently service hospital closed & it felt like I joined the NHS but with the tours & mil crap on top.

    If I could do it all over again but starting today would I.......knowing what I know now, probably not.

    But from someone starting outs point of view, purely from a monitory perspective military pay is better in early years i.e. as Cpl or Lt just starting out.

    However AfC has levelled the playing field, from band 7 onwards only a Senior Capts onwards can match the money & being that the majority of service nurses are other ranks its becoming more attractive to work in NHS.
  12. whitemouse75 said:

    Pardon me for asking, but what is your scope of practice over there? I assume your referring to IV starts, 12/15 leads, and foleys?
  13. Sounds to me it is about money, don't think the troops out on Ops would like to be collectively known as bastards either.
  14. yes indeed, where i work they employ a gaggle of f/g grades to carry out these basic nursing tasks on our behalf.
  15. Whitehouse....
    In my NHS trust they are starting that kind of carry on. I wonder if it is so fewer people need to be paid the 'extra' skills framework points for these 'extra' skills.
    I heard someone say that they would not get extra for being able to canulate, venapuncture or the like as they did not have to use these skills 'cos nurse practitioners were about all the time!