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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Boxy, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. More of a TA question, how long does it take, on average Via ARCADE, for an army number to be generated & the unit notified?

    The lack of numbers for ecruits is causing us no end of headaches, if they get injured during at the RTC the med centre will not/cannot treat them, therefore much time is wasted at the local A&E.

    The book answer would be appriecated(?) to use against units who send recruits wit no number.
  2. FFBox,

    Generally number can be generated within 48 hrs assuming all paperwork is ok and Glasgow are woking? as they should be!!!!!!!

    However, having seen 4 - 6 week delays i would not rely on that!
  3. Sads, I was under the impression that it was almost instant as it was generated by the Arcade system & linked to JPA, it's getting to the stage wher we'll not take them without numbers,as you are well aware we've not enough instructors to fanny about taking broken recruits to A&E.
  4. Book answer. Firstly No's should take no more than 3 days once they have been applied for through ARCADE. Second ARCADE is now obsolete and the new system is due in mid Jul (we don't know how good it will be). Third. recruits shouldn't go to RTC without numbers as the Look at Life insurance doesn't cover that type of activity, just visits to units.
  5. Many thanks, 51(Scottish) bde units had better be prepared ofr a big shock, wait out.
  6. FF Box

    I've just done my TRHA superusers course and is a zillion times better than that ARCADE HOS. It's due in on the 11/12 Jul and does interface with JPA so Army numbers should be returned within 24 - 48 hrs of sending the completed information (but don't hold your breath) but could be alot quicker - according to our instructor.

    Nobody should be attending Ph1 at the RTC unless they have been attested, they are not insured, they cannot be paid and what are they going to wear as they can't be issued kit!

    Link to demo (must have RLI to access)
  7. Cheers matey,
    I know all about not training/insured etc, for some reason, way above my payscale, we allowed recruits to train with us without numbers, but no more due to the hassle at the MRS when they get broken.
  8. I keep getting fascinating emails about TRHA :roll:
  9. Edited for double post.
  10. If they get broken on Phase 1B, thats concerning......

    4-6 weeks it took for mine to come through.
  11. Personal note, after i submitted all my paperwork, i waited 3 months.
  12. Just the normal breakages, blisters cos they got their boots that Friday, sprains twisted ankles & the occasional "rash"
  13. Blisters? A and E?

    Fucking hell!
  14. Not for the blisters, taht would be bad drills on our behalf, for the sprains, twists rashes etcunfortunately so all the rlavant fmeds get signed by real doctors....
    we're trying to prove a point to units no number not getting trained as not covered, not enough instructors, or indeed a medic type as part of our orbat.
  15. I've been waiting nearly four months.