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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by worm, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. As it sounds. I'm 22, male, and did a bit of time with the RMR where my service number was P90****R. I'm about to join the army with the REME, and when I inquired before with the recruiting office I was told I'd be given a new number by JPA upwards from 30000000.

    Turns out, my joining instructions are giving me the same old number I had... Not too much of a problem in as much that It's easier to remember the same number than try learn a new one, however, how much sh1t will I get from the Phase1 staff, will I get some bootneck related nickname such as rollmat, will more be expected of me than of other recruits?

    I have an unpleasant scenario in my head somehing along the lines of:
    "Worm, why have you got such a silly f**king number?"
    "Was with the RMR before this staff."
    "ex marine eh? So you're tougher than these lads? Right, front support position, I want 2 push ups for every 1 the rest of your troop does."
  2. Just don't put your underwater knife fighting badge on your uniform as soon as you get issued it, you will get minimum baiting unless you are a FLUB of some kind.
  3. Did you earn your badge ? If so then wear it. Rubber dagger or not you will have a bit of nounce about you to help others out if need be when the days training is done.
  4. I would wait until after you cap badge to put it on, but others may have different opinions. And make sure you have a copy of your course cert when you do it.

    We had an ex TA para in trade training with us who got ROPS and loss of pay because the Paras said they had never heard of him when he wore his wings. He asked his mum to get his cert out his stuff at home but she could not find it. He dug it out his first leave and his record was cleared, his loss of pay reversed, but the poor guy had already done his ROPs and had a severe beasting and been called all the liars in the world in front of the whole squadron. Not fun.
  5. Sticking badges everywhere shouldn't be a problem as due to injury (falling off mountain bikes too much) and laziness (yes I can admit it, I didn't train anywhere near as much as I should have) I didn't get as far as a green lid in the 2 years I was in.
    I guess my question was more wondering if more would be expected of me than other recruits as, as much as I've been trying to bring times down/excercise reps up, I'm in no way confident I'll be the best of my intake.
  6. You won't keep your RMR number. You will get an 8 digit Army number. As far as I know this will be generated when your details are uploaded onto JPA so that you can be paid.

    As to the RMR experience, if you don't try larging it they will probably never know.
  7. No intent to large it, but I'm going to have to argue the first point.
    See, I have this letter I received from the recruiting office after swearing my oath of allegiance, telling me when and where to turn up to the ATR and giving me some contact details for travel difficulties. At the bottom of said letter is written "Your Regimental Number will be P90****R. Please remember this"
    This, coming after I'd asked about keeping my old number, and at first being told like you've said that I would get a new number. Then before actually swearing my oath, being taking in to an office, being asked if all the details I've provided are correct, and telling me that due to something to do with your JPA number sticking with you for life and JPA coming in just as I was leaving the RMR, that my number was now linked to my name and would follow me around.
  8. I will ask some questions and find out tomorrow.