Army Numbers Fall Again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, May 19, 2017.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

    In April this year the number of Army personnel fell yet again and are 4,000 short of the MOD target.
    They are also missing the targets for recruiting into the AR
    All the facts and figures are in the links below.

    From Here: British Army Troop Numbers Fall 4,000 Under Target

    From Here; Number of soldiers in British Army falls - BBC News

    The latest releases from the MOD can be found here;

    UK armed forces monthly service personnel statistics: 2017 - GOV.UK
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  2. The "real" / deployable figures are considerably worse.

    What I still find surprising is that the police are treated considerably worse in terms of pay and conditions and their morale is at least as bad if not worse, as is their view of their commanders and command system, and they have been cut to the bone in terms of support and conditions far more than the Army, but they continue to be very well recruited despite all that.

    That seems to put the Army's failings into an even worse perspective - if that 's possible.
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  3. Most join the army for adventure, travel and pay. Once they are in they realise that the offer they saw on TV and in the glossys doesn't match. All those little things that the rest of us previously took for granted; AT, mess life, overseas postings, cook houses, MQ, pay rises, decent pensions etc have all been slowly chipped away and, whilst individually they may have made sense, collectively they have been a catastrophe. This leaves everyone griping continuously because what has gone is better than what is coming. This infects the NIGs and they haven't even seen what has gone but they do hear the whinging, whining result - their immediate CoC disillusioned. What remains is supposed to be sufficient to enable a volunteer to put up with the dire man management, under manning and lack of worthwhile daytime activity. It's like the emperor's new clothes once again. Everyone knows! At least the police with their problems get to go home each night.

    The latest 'joke' I have seen is the 'The Offer' paper currently being pushed by the CoC. It purports to highlight the benefits of serving as opposed to being a policeman or nurse etc. It is not difficult to inverse its message and then relate to it.
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  4. Why join the reserves? Overseas AT binned, overseas exercises being looked at very closely, 1% pay rises for the foreseeable future, few op tours on the go. Not really worth making yourself unemployable in civvy street for.
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  5. What with all the bad crap thats been happening to the army over the last 20 years or so, its hardly surprising that people don't want to join any more. Who can blame them?

    You are given intensive training, made as fit as f and sent to Afghastlystan where you have to patrol with one hand tied behind your back and an enemy that uses every possible method of killing you. But if you kill one of them, you may be called to account the next day, next year, fifty years later.

    Same, same NI. Tony Blair was desperate to suck the Provo's dicks so gave them and loads of other low life immunity from prosecution..... But not the young lads that he sent out there to do the job that the politicians, lawyers and police couldn't do (and its job that the politicians and lawyers couldn't do because of their own incompetence and greed). So now, old age pensioner veterans are being called to account for pulling the trigger and the low life scum and the murdering twats we were up against get away scot and paddy free.

    My advice to any young person who tells me that she or he intends to join the army is, don't be stupid.
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  6. The reason numbers are falling is probably due to the awesome retention policy we have. When I left, it went like this:

    Me: "I'm thinking of signing off."

    Career Manager *frantically busy trying to draw up a posting plot* "Ok, bye."

    Me: "I'm signing off."

    1 and 2 ROs *frantically trying to deal with last minute fastballs* "Ok, bye."

    *much later*

    Career Managers and ROs across the Army: "Oh ****, where have all our soldiers gone?"
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  7. How on earth would you make yourself unemployable on 27 MTDs per year?
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  8. IMG_5949.JPG
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  9. Surprisingly large number of employers don't like employing reservists for various reasons. Recruitment consultants (the 2:1-arts-graduate-can't-find-a-real-job types) especially are very resistant to putting people forward for jobs once they find out.

    From an employers perspective there's a big business risk to employing someone who could be taken away for 3/6/9/12 months at little notice, especially in senior or business critical roles. Even worse at the bottom where you're competing against dozens of other similar candidates who are available to work weekend OT at short notice etc.
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  10. With regard to cops they do get to do the job that they signed up for every day. Lots of different career opportunities. Good money from the get go and a longer career even if that entire career is spent as a PC. Yes terms and conditions are being eroded and the court disposals are a joke but a basic cop does basic policing.
    No so sure the same is true for a young Tom these days

    Source: Mrs Fox retired polis.
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  11. All of the above reasons are good and probably true but a big one that is being forgotten is that kids are smarter now.

    No, not literally, but they certainly do have a better grasp on life and the world, what oppurtunities are available, how their employer can and can't treat them, their rights, their lack of responsibilities.

    Quite simply as time goes on less and less people are going to be willing to put up with the bullsh1t, bullying and incompetence that is part of day to day life in a peacetime army.

    Telic and Herrick bought them time as every generations kids wants to fight their own war but as soon as they were over reality dawned for most that being in the army is actually a bit pants and the remuneration nowhere near cuts the mustard.

    Edit to add: The way this differs from the past is simple. There is now almost an obligation on the state and your wider family to sustain you. Had you decided to take the feckless option even as little as 20-30 years ago you probably would have starved to death. Now you can live in casa mum and dad, eating microwave pizzas until something like a job comes along.
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  12. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    And there's the point. The MOD has looked to transfer a chunk of its personnel cost onto the shoulders of industry.

    If you want an army of 'X' people, one way or another the price remains the same.
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  13. This chipping away at T&C and reduction in numbers is common across the public sector. Years of forced austerity is taking its toll on the Armed Forces,Police,Prison Service etc. If were one of the richest countries in the world as we getting told...why is it happening?
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  14. Ideology.
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  15. Whose benefiting from it?