Army Number

Basically for me to be able to get onto the summer challenge I need my army number. I`ve tried with our clark and havent been able to get it. However it is my understanding that our numbers have been generated its just that they havent filtered down yet.

Is there any way of getting this quicker maybe (increases my chances of getting onto it given all the mishaps so far...) Or someone being kind enough to check if I do have an army number generated and JPA hasnt messed up?

Any help at all is very much appreciated =)
Didn't you get told your reggy number in basic training? Do you not have a MoD90 with it on?
Summer Challenge is basic training, this lad needs his number to start

to the original poster

Basically mate you have to keep on pestering the staff, this is there issue and if you miss out on SC because of them its pap. numbers should be ready in a few days now with JPA, one of the few things its got right (bar giving everyone a god awful 3000 number)
Thanks for the reply guys... dont worry I will be pestering. Some good news though just got a call from the TAC looks like I will be on SC but still would like the army number for many reasons.

I might however miss out on the adventurous training bit which sucks but atleast i`m on it.
arby said:
didnt summer challenge start last saturday?
The Scottish SC started on 28th June at Inverness.

Not having an army number wouldn't prevent you from getting on Summer Chalenge. I was in Inverness for the first week and I know that there are at least 3 guys there who have not yet received their army number.

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