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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Emkay, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know how long it takes for your army number to come through once you have been attested? There is a guy in my unit who seems to have been waiting forever.
  2. Attested in Aug, got it in Oct.
  3. I had finished my CMSR (again) by the time I got my new number. I had a different service number though, so I guess it took longer for them to change it to a new 300 number. I have done alot of MATTs training that they wont tick the box for as I used my old number for. Think it was about 5 months until I got my new number
  4. Numbers should be lightning fast now JPA is in (no sniggering at the back)

    We had some guys attested on Tuesday night and they get thier numbers today

    I can only take it the issue is the change over to the new system
  5. We had some guys who received their number the evening they attested....surprised the crap out of me!!
  6. Attested in December, received my Army number the following July.
  7. Good old Arcade.

    Mind you, numbers seems to be the only thing TRHA is actually good at.
  8. i got attested mid october still waiting for my number :(
  9. Attested in Aug, got my number in sept
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Seven months all told.

    However this is mainly due to the fact that they obviously thought I was a filthy terrorist / bankrupt / drug dealer as my SC clearance took forever and got in the way.
  11. How come you got a new number then? I rejoined after a fifteen year break and i kept my old number.
  12. Yeah I heard a couple of guys say that. Guess they just want to keep me on my toes, and it would clearly be wrong if I kept the number that I know and like and that adorns all of my kit, that would be madness.

    I went from a 252 number to a 300. There was just over a year between changing it, maybe there is a cutt off point?
  13. maybe that's why m,ine is taking a while, because of my name sounds a bit dodgy, the recruit team thought i was russian or something dodgy, it's also how i got the nickname praying mantis as its the nearest thing to my name that they could pronounce 8O
  14. Is your name Prevalyn Manthias?
  15. I got mine the next week but I had been system for a little while before hand.