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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by armourer, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. Sort of adding to the old sweats topic...What was/is your army Number first four only

    Mine was: 2433****
  2. 2475****
  3. 2439.....
  4. speak for yourself Grandad lol
  5. Yessss I`M a CROW!!!!!
  6. 2424.Kinday old eh!!!!!!!.
  7. And mine still is 2475**** however I have just got crow in the platoon with the 1st four of wait for it ...2519!!!
  8. Fcuk me......... you crusty old b@stards (Sirs) :D

    I'm only a sproggy 2481
  9. CROW lol
  10. old git - 2488 although it starts with a 5 these days.
  11. I can't remember........oh yeah!! 2441****
  12. Just a thought if anyone would like to add there full number to this 1033 i`ve got lol .....

    Only joking!!!!!
  13. That narrows it down a bit for those that are still about joined '86!
  14. letter u complete fecker I was only 16 then! and I joined as junior so neer neer nah neer and that means your as old as me then lol
  15. I was Early 88 with 2481