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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ISeeTheLight, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. When do recruits get there army number?
    i passed selection afew months ago, recenty went on Royal Signals look at life course (was thinking about changing trade then) and i start basic on the 1st june, would my recruiters have it now?
  2. I'm under the illusion that you receive your number when you attend your Attestation.
    Correct me if otherwise....

    Syn :)
  3. Spot on mate.
  4. your number cannot be created until attested and details are on JPA
  7. sorry pal, what is the Attestation, would that be the Oath?
  8. Hope That Helps Mate
    Syn :)
  9. Cheers mate :)
  10. Oh right. well just incase you still dont know what the attestation/oath of allegiance is, you basically hold the bible in one hand, and read an oath that youll swear by almighty god that you will do your duty to protect queen, country etc etc. kind of similar to going to court lol you could probably imagine basic training being similar to prison anyway :p well i know it certainly feels like it!
  11. Why did you leave in the first place?
  12. Girlfriend (Ex now like)
  13. ahh.. fair play mate :)
  14. Or if you were in my old TA unit a copy of the PT manual as no one could find a bible, when these guys were getting attested.
  15. I got mine on Saturday, after doing selection 8 days ago.