Army Number One burner

A bit of an anoraky question, but has anyone got any photo's of the good old Number One burner in use, or even Youtube clips of one being used.

Can anyone remember the training film about not re-fueling them in front of naked flames too - which ended up with a massive fireball? A clip of that would be great if anyone knows about one.....

Cheers :)
Ah, the ACC's second line of defence, the flamethrower, second only after our cooking :D (before anyone else gets it in)
Excellent - and thanks for the quick replies. Bloody dangerous things they were, weren't they! But great on exercise for keeping warm.....


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No pictures or clips but I vividly remember the cook in Oman who tried to refuel one while it was burning back in the Fifties. Apparently it was a very quick (for those days) of getting back to Blighty via chopper and casevac crab.

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