Army not valued by societyt?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bedpan2zero, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Extract from the Westminster Hall Debate on the British Army

    30 jan 07

    Rt Hon Gerald Howarth Cons MP for Aldershot.

    " The people who are leaving are the backbone of the british Army: the captains, majors and senior warrant officers. They are the repository of the real experience in today's army. Their loss is potentially the most damaging, and something has to be done about it.

    I have two guards battalions in Aldershot at present. Before Christmas, the CO fo the Irish guards told me, 'Sir, we are not valued!'

    Is the Army of today valued by Biritsh society?
    Are we valued?
  2. Not if we call them "SOCIETYT".... Don't think they'll appreciate the titbit (sic).
  3. The Commanding Officer of the Irish Guards calling an MP (and an opposition one at that) 'sir'? Surely only in writing as per usual formalities, and certainly not meaning it?
  4. How can we truly be valued, if the great unwashed public can't see what we are doing?

    MoDPR needs to really go into overdrive. They really don't have this problem in the US, Australia and increasingly Canada, where the CDF has become lionized of late, especially over Afghanistan.

    We need nth degrees of separation from the politicians, as we are 'tainted' by them. Conversely we need those very same politicians to be singing our praises at every turn. Whatever is said about Reid, he didn't have this problem. His delight at being around the Forces was evident.

    Maybe one of the meeja outlets can start an adopt-a-squaddie scheme?

    Pick a soldier, write to him or her, get news about what they're doing, photos etc ,send him or her little *gifts , make them feel appreciated, be a part of their lives, always good for morale, especially if you're a fit girlie :D Maybe the CQMS/RQMS could organise something, along the lines of "Send letters to BFPO xxx , we'll dish them out" . The boys and girls could them mix and match till they found a correspondent they were happy talking with?

    The fact is, society can't value us, until we become more accessible to them.
  5. We in the forces are valued, just only when the firemen/binmen are out of strike and only if there isn't some juicy gossip about Big Brother floating around.

    As accurate today as it ever was.

  6. What's the poem? I've never seen that one before?
  7. 'Tommy' by Kipling, a real friend of the military.
  8. We now return you to your regular programming.....
  9. Maybe we need "Big Brother in a Barracks House Live"

    Vote now to send Terry on stag. Text 12345

    Vote now to give Steve extras. Text 56789

    "Big Brother' could be the Badge.

    Two birds with one stone.
  10. Ratings will go through the roof when they dish out the bouncing pint and get stuck into a game of freckles.
  11. Oh dear , I can see the flaws already :)
  12. I assume, Clownbasher, that you are under 25. The education system stopped using Rudyard Kipling a generation ago because he represented the "British Empire and all that was bad about it".

    A shame really, as he was one of the most descriptive authors and poets for many generations.

    By the way, read it out loud. It works better that way.