Army Newspaper

Just a quick one lads what was the name of that army newspaper we used to get in Germany in the 80s its doing my head in remember being in it once for doing a Sponsored bike ride to Sweeden when in Rockets.

Thanks :meditate:


GNR40 said:
Anyone recall Korina Schnabel and that f**king parrott! Remember the tune...PURE CLASS!
You tw* I can't get the bloody tune out of my head!
Anyone remember the Jara, Bruck Strasse, Hansebecher and the Power Pub on the Hellweg from around 81 - 85 (26 Regt)?? Any good memories, I have and for some bizzar reason Korina Schables has brought it all back to me!!

I find it interesting that Corinna Schnabel, who was famous for so many of us, appears to have vanished from the english speaking world. She had a part in "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet" and she presented the BBC Kontacte series but that appears to be it. None of her BFBS work appears to be recorded, and even the Google link to this site is broken!

However, using Google, I think she lives on in Germany, although it may not be the same lady!

I have a signed piccie somewhere - perhaps we could start a fan club?


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