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If you are an officer in the British army and when you come back from a 6 month tour, what do you do? e.g just training?.

Also, how much free time do you get once you are back in the UK?

Sorry for the questions but I haven't been to the Army Careers office yet!

After a tour you go on Post Tour Leave and you try to consume as much alcohol as possible whilst trying to catch as many exotic diseases from as many spunk bowsers as you can get your hands on!

Depends on your job/rank, unit, role, length of tour, if you've been a good boy on tour, other commitments, medical state on return... The list goes on and on.

Have a hunt round use the search function and Google for any Blogs from bods that have been on tour. Some other Arrsers may be able to recommend some good books that might help you. (I can't help in that department as I only do picture books or pop-up books if it's my birthday.)

What Regt/Corps you looking at going for?


The alternate view is that you will be told to forget everything you learnt and get back to real soldiering.
You are mostly likely to find that nowadays, as soon as a unit returns from a tour and after post tour leave and other vital matters have been attended to, there is a period of mass posting with officers (and soldiers) moving jobs both inside and outside the unit. This means that if you commanded a Platoon on the tour, you might become a Company Second in Command or be posted off to a training regiment almost as soon as the tour is over. Simultaneously the unit will be preparing for and conducting it's next training cycle (with all of the new people in their new jobs) as well as supporting training for units due to deploy before it in the cycle.

Mixed into all of this will be the G1 reporting, discipline and welfare work which will inevitably fill a young officer's time, particularly after a tour.

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