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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by indifferent, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. indifferent

    indifferent Old-Salt

    Just a quick one,

    has anyone with a number starting with 300 managed to register with armynet yet??
  2. Yes, yes i have.
  3. Mennox

    Mennox Old-Salt

    yep me too
  4. andypaddock

    andypaddock Old-Salt

    If you cant get in PM me
  5. Does anyone know if armynet is open to reserves/long term reserves.
  6. Would have thought the TA was a reserve force?
  7. More interested in Long Term Reserves as I can't log in.
  8. Suggest you PM andy as above, he seems to know the score. Sorry Feller.
  9. Thanks for advice Sparky, I imagine that becasue I'm on Long Term Reserves it will be a no. However I've sent PM to Andy
  10. oldist-recruit

    oldist-recruit Clanker

    just curious as to where you get your signature "recruit forever" from when you have a 300 number

    from the FAQ part of armynet

    I am an ex-serving member, can I register an account?
    Please note that ArmyNET is only for current serving members of the British Army (see point one of the Privacy and Security Notice). You will not be able to register an account.
  11. megadeth

    megadeth Old-Salt

    and T.A. :)
  12. oldist-recruit

    oldist-recruit Clanker

    The TA is part of the british army
  13. megadeth

    megadeth Old-Salt

    yeah I know but his wording was `only for current serving members of the British Army`, :)
  14. Macks

    Macks War Hero

    Which includes the TA.
  15. Thanks for your help Andy, I thought the site would only have been available for Regs/TA but apparantley not.