Army Net - Are the headsheds trying to tell us something?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arai, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Probably me putting 2 + 2 together and getting 5 but ive just logged onto army net (to check my paystatement - as you do) and in the news headlines at the top of the main page is a downloadable pdf of the Military Covenant, and alongside this, Electoral Registration days taking place at units in order to get more personnel on the register

  2. Maybe Im being dumb or naive, but could you explain to me please?
  3. Do you think they know something we dion't? Or at least something No.10 has been vociferously denying of late?
  4. Perhaps they're hpoing for a repeat of the 1945 Election when Labour got swept to power by a massive service vote................and of course pigs do fly.

  5. I just find it strange that they have posted up the Military Covenant on Army Net, as if drawing attention to it

    and , probably coincidence, alongside it the Voter registration bit. Are they saying, look boys the Covenant is broken, do something about it and vote out this shower of sh1t govt that treats the forces with contempt?
  6. Interesting juxtaposition.

    It IS that "time of the year" to remind everyone about Electoral Registration.

    Indeed, I have been known occasionally to mention "Electoral Registration" and "Military Covenant". :wink:

    Thanks Arai (and Armynet), the more publicity the better for two of my pet subjects!
  7. My pleasure Hackle
  8. Why does the forces push the Electral Register on soldiers?

    Take last week for example, there was 60 of us starting at our phase 2 regiment, and we had a whole lecture on it, powerpointed to death and then told how much of a good idea it was.

    No thank You!
  9. Maybe there should have been a vote on it.
  10. Because as an adult, it is your right to vote and voice your opinion by voting for the person best suited for the job and your needs.
  11. You have nothing to lose by sigining the Electoral Register, in fact, it can benifit your credit score. You have no obligation to vote, if you are on the Register.
  12. Army_Rizzle, men and women have died and suffered to ensure that in THIS country we have a democracy and everyone (of certain age, etc) gets a vote.

    And you can only say "No thank you!!!". No Fcuking Thank YOU!!!

    Why don't you just go down to the cenotaph and sh1t on the steps?

    If you don't want to vote and see it as such a chore move to China.

    If I had my way it would be law that all eligible voters exercise their rights once every 4 years or so. Even if I had to have a "abstain" box on the ballot paper, or I could just let people "ruin" the paper if they didn't wish to vote.

    Think about it logically, every four years or so you get to vote for who you feel will run the country like YOU want it to be run (or a close approximation) if YOU don't vote, then you can't complain when it all goes down the sh1tter.

    You should be ashamed, and certainly not call yourself British.

    Kindly leave the Armed Forces too.

    No Thankyou, indeed. :x

  13. Erm, Pardon my Francais - but Bolleaux.

    He IS exercising his democratic right - not to vote.

    The fact he does not vote does not make him any less British nor any less fit to serve. What it does not do - granted - is offer him the right to moan about who takes over the reins.

    But to post those insulting words because he does not want to vote is beyond the pale choccy.

    Oh - and I waste mine - don't trust any of the feckers. 8O
  14. You are right. My dad was in the army in WW2 and he told me all the men in his unit were told to vote Labour, which he did. He later became a life-long Tory.
  15. Army_Rizzle wrote:
    Maybe Im being dumb or naive, but could you explain to me please?

    Probably BOTH but it gets better with age :wink:

    You will find that especially with the REME you move around every 2-3 years and this can me a nightmare trying to get on the Electoral Register in time for voting. After 11 postings in 20 years I have missed out on my vote on numerous occassions for various reasons ie posted abroad, not registered in time. My new address as soon as i got to the MQ I got in touch on line and by phone but still recieved voting papers for the old residents. As people have put vote its your chance to try and air your views, but the way things are going Ive got to say I dont know who Id trust anymore.