Army Neo-Nazi Arrests - Two Released

No surprise here. A rathe feeble attempt to balance the public perception of what the terrorist threat really is.
So Hitlers reanimated corpse isn't marching down Norwich high street lobbing doodlebugs at anyone with a big nose or a tan? Who knew eh?
Listening to Radio Five earlier in the week there was a lady who had phoned in and was describing that allowing the far right to do what they wanted is how the Nazis got into power (let's ignore whether the Nazis were right or left wing for now).
She said that the UK is getting a bit like Nazi Germany. She was challenged on this point by one of the presenters and the caller said that if the presenter walked around the UK in muslim dress he would change his mind.

At this point Im sat thinking that the caller was suggesting that the average muslim could expect to NOT be allowed to be employed, be beaten by civilians, the police and children in the street, be forced to carry ID and wear a symbol to show they were muslim, not be allowed to vote or run a business and come home to find they had been evicted and a non muslim family living in their house..................well that or the caller was just ignorant and talking nonsense.

Later in the same segment the presenter (Nihal Arthanayake) commented that unchecked the Nazis swept to power in a few years in Germany so it COULD happen.
I was thinking 'yes, they did get power in around fifteen years in Germany (so not a few) and still havent got to government in the UK in ninety nine years so forgive me if Im not overly worried right now'.
The box ticking will have worked, people will just remember the headline

So that's what Maple and Meerkatz look like.

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