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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick one to see who's going to the rugby tomorrow and will be in the Corps tent!

    See you (or be too blind to see you) there!!!

    :D :D :D :D
  2. We've got about 30 of us going (7 Corps), all identifyable by stupid red wrist bands, we'll look like we've escaped from a local hospital! We'll see you in the Corps bar!
  3. Well, match was sh1t but the Int Corps social was quite exceptional in comparison to the other beer tents!!!

    So very drunk...

    :) :p :D :? 8O :oops: :cry: :) :p :D :? :? :p :? :twisted: :oops: :twisted: :twisted:
    How my beer-o-meter scored throughout the day.
  4. There were so many random people there!! Like the old geezer from the Sgts Mess on Chickers, what a Cad!!! make me laugh everytime i see him...mmnbbnmbhkgahkgfhjaghfhghdhjk.. Really Big Fish.hjklhjlhsajfhjklfhajfhjash..Chop Chop Chop......Oversized Cucumber!!!....but i was very, very drunk!
  5. Yeah, the turn out was quite impressive, there were people I hadn't seen for 10 years there so had a great time. There were also people I don't want to see for another 10 years!

    Free the Scooby Doo one!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yeah, that was well random. I didnt stay long enough to see anyone become complete nobs, apart from the ones that have always/will always be nob heads! What was going on with the que for the toilets aswel!! thats what you get for letting split arses use the bogs too!! (Que visicious comebacks)

  7. You didn't complain at the time.....

    Who is Scooby Doo anyhoo?
  8. I was on about the Portaloos in the Int Corps enclosure thing dale! But i dont think i would last long with you in one aswell!!
  9. Well done the Capt of the Corps rugby team for organising the bar and associated stuff. Cheers fellas.
  10. Aye, I second that. Best set up there, well done. :D
  11. Fantastic day, fantastic beer tent and nice touch selling Corps' Rugby shirts, although they are cashing in on the vulnerability of drunk people!! I woke up wearing one the next morning!