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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Chief_Trog, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. It’s that time of year again. The Army Navy. How many users will be in the Corps tent this year? I have heard that the Marquee will be the same set up as last year. Good news.
  2. If it is the same set up as last year that will be good news. I've been to a few reunions in my time but last years Army/Navy was better than any of them. If they keep the same bar setup that will be a winner too. Did hear a rumour (that's what this is all about,right?) Seniors and officers will be expected to wear blazer and tie this year!!!
  3. clearly that has got to be a rumour or the only tent they would require would be a 9x9
  4. blazer and tie. Not this call sign. Its Sqn rugby top.
  5. How does an Ex RLC member get a pass to the tent?

  6. If you phone the ticket hotline (have the number in work) they will pass you on to the person that controls the swingers. I haven't put my order in for the Sqn yet.
  7. I'd appreciate contact details too, life out here in the E2 world is lonely and it would be nice to see some familiar (although admittedly ugly) faces.

  8. Heard (straight from the horses mouth) that Seniors will be expected to wear Blazer and tie.
  9. I'm it.

    Your f'#king joking. Get MCM Div down for interviews over beer at the bar.

    NAAFI fighting order all round..... rugby tops and pissed stained desert boots.
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    No, 'tis true.

    Seniors expected to wear blazer/jacket and tie.

    Expect an incoming message from the Corps Razzer asap.
  11. Not this callsign.........Rugby top all the way.......
  12. What the MOT rugby tops? A few more units should take a leaf out of that book. Even the CO from one of the Mov Regts had one on.
  13. Which horse?

    Whoever, he can still feck off
  14. Have seen it also in black and white, feel a bit disapointed at what can at best be described as an over zealous first decision in appointment.....

    Hard to enforce....

    1. Army v Navy...not an RLC sponsored event.
    2. We pay for our tickets...unlike most senior offrs and CRSMs who get their's gratis.
    3. Each year the number of ex squaddies is increasing who will at best shaved on their last day in green some years earlier.

    Agree that standards do need to be imposed, however not this event try RLC events like the Corps weekend where the word of the CRSM might carry some weight.
  15. I'll be there, in fighting order (ie t-shirt and jeans with desert boots, not webbing!) Have to make sure i get the bus though...don't fancy the E&E back north!!! 8O