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Yes, but with the family on tow I fear the drinking might be curtailed, oh well I suppose I could always watch the rugby
First year I've not been for a long time. Does anyone know if it on Sky Sports again????
Yes mate, want to see if the pitch invaders make it to the big screen!
I too shall be there.
Can't find it on the Sky planner this year. Strange!
The result is always sent as an immediate signal to the ships of the Fleet. Nowadays, that's all two of them. :)
I'm going - although obviously I'll be restricted to the civvy-scutters stand.

I too would like to see the 'Return of Zorro'. Although he was far from slim he cocked a snook and dodged the stewards as they have oft dodged salads. Bravo!

A word of advice to women intending to streak/run topless... there is ****- all point in doing it at the top tier of the stands where nobody can see you.

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