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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by vrb.biatch, May 3, 2005.

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  1. Anyone able to recommend reasonable priced accommodation for the fun and games this weekend in London? Don't want to stay anywhere to rough. Somewhere within falling distance of Punch and Judys for Fri night would be good. :roll:
  2. Forgot to mention that I have already provisionally booked a hotel. It is £80 for a twin room per night. Does that seem unreasonable? It is 50 yards from Tott Court Road tube station and walking distance of Covent Garden. Names is St Giles - anyone recommend it?

    Get the vodka ready - days to do!!
  3. Try - sorted me out. Cheap room but I doubt that by the time my head hits the pillow I'll care very much!
  4. loadsa travellodges dotted round london i got double room in docklands for three nights ata shared cost of £63. tubes go everywhere so im sorted!
  5. cheers dude - out of interest how much was your room and is it central to the frenzied drinking?
  6. to get the tube you usually have to leave the bar earlier. not this callsign. everywhere has to be either walking or cab distance. next question - what time does the cabbage patch open on the saturday. no matter what time i get there it is always full and i'm determined to get a prime seat this time so i can watch all the losers stand in the middle of the road with their tinnies (usually me) :twisted:
  7. good call
  8. What about the UJC. Within staggering distance of Waterloo station with direct line to Twickenham and Whitton stations.

    Sensibly, I'm taking my two teenage sons so that they can carry me home :D
  9. Had a look at all suggestions and am thinking £40 a night for where i'm staying is actually quite good. hotel looks very good - even has a pool (believe me these help hangovers). location is excellent. if anyone else is interested i could probably change ours to group bookings as we have booked 4 rooms already and you need 5 to change it to group discount. obviously the london branch and not feltham (stayed there before but too far out for covent gdn). let me know if anyone interested... :lol:
  10. You've got two hopes of getting into the UJC this late, unless you want to sleep on one of their sofas.
  11. UJC is not a cheap option these days. It's often cheaper to stay in a London hotel. No takers for St Giles then, so we can go for a group discount? Don't need to know you to go for a discount. More money I save, is more money for VODKA.