Army/ Navy Rugby time

Discussion in 'REME' started by armr617, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. So maybe I'm a bit early, but who is the contact for wristbands & tickets this year, I dont really want to be hunting last minute again.
  2. Tickets are available from the ARU, RFU, and ticket robber (I wouldn't use them out of principle) Wristbands depends on your regiment or corps.

    Though having a mate who can get them for you is useful. Apparently one of the crowd I go with, an ex bootie, can get RLC ones.
  3. Great post Seagull. I wonder if he was after REME tickets and bands what with this being the REME forum? If not, any chance you could ask your matelow mate to put us in with the stackers and chefs? 3000 bands should do it....

    The only advice I can give is that once it is in The Craftsman then they will be ready to accept payment and send out bands. I would put the details up here but we seem to have stopped getting it in my Bn. Hopefully someone should be able to put the details up once it becomes public knowledge.
  4. I did wonder what was going on for a second.

    "Yeah, I would love an RLC one please"
  5. I bet there's a good selection of pies in their tent. But they'll probably get eaten really quick.
  6. My bad, didn't notice it was in the REME section.

    OP, ignore my gibbering it's the ranting of a madman.
  7. I missed last year - was there actually a proper match or was play interrupted every 10 minutes to chase a pitch invader about.

    Don't get me wrong, the antics of Zorro, the previous year, were hilarious.
  8. Try 94251 2683
  9. Without wanting to set up an identical thread in the infantry bit, does anyone know where I can get wristbands for the infantry tent?
  10. SEAE. I've heard you can book them on the following number 01189 763683 I won't publish his name, but be polite, he's a WO2 ;-)
  11. Or you could post it in the infantry section and probably get a decent response.
  12. Can't remember, I was shit faced. Though there was an incredibly fat bloke in a Borat mankini lurking close to the pitch at one point, though the stewards pinged him early on.
  13. No but I have a mate of a mate who can sort you out some RLC ones. Wierd though as he's a matelow......
  14. Thats fooking weird. So do I.