Army Navy Rugby Sat 03 May

The organiser has it all organised and sent details out via various chains some weeks ago. Clearly there has been a hold up / breakdown / whatever - not his fault. Has anyone asked anyone at Chicks or just griped via this means? It's good to talk gents......
There is a beer tent as per the last two years. Beer tent and match tickets are available. PM me and I can give you the details if I know who you are! It will be a great day, yet again!!
Can someone PM myself with a Military phone number for so I can get hold of Tickets to the match & beer tent. Since the number of posts LL_COOL has submitted & I am unaware who he is I am unwilling to provide details of myself to him, unless anyone here can verify him :) cheers
g2_loony_bin said:
Wench3000 said:
Will there be any naked events?
Depends if a certain officer from 22 MI Coy tips up...

I shan't follow his example this time though... :oops:
Would that be the OC with a very bad case of tourettes?

Or have you got a new all-star lieutenant hidden away up there waiting for his chance to puke on GOC 4 Div?
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