Army Navy Rugby Sat 03 May

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by DigitalGeek, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Could someone PM me as to the Corps arrangements for the rugby this year. It would be most appreciated.

    TA Muchly

  2. It must be my aftershave..........
  3. Bumpety bump.

    Yes, just what the fuck is going on?
  4. I'd like details if any are forthcoming.
  5. Heard the beer tent maybe indoors this time
  6. feckin gutted im on a course :-(
  7. At least I found this years organising committee.....


    The silence is deafening :yawnstretch:
  8. The organiser has it all organised and sent details out via various chains some weeks ago. Clearly there has been a hold up / breakdown / whatever - not his fault. Has anyone asked anyone at Chicks or just griped via this means? It's good to talk gents......
  9. Unfortunately I am "outside" of the normal Corps CoC on a singleton post, so conversation is limited. Any info would be most welcome. Cheers.
  10. Ta Muchly RD!
  11. There is a beer tent as per the last two years. Beer tent and match tickets are available. PM me and I can give you the details if I know who you are! It will be a great day, yet again!!
  12. Can someone PM myself with a Military phone number for so I can get hold of Tickets to the match & beer tent. Since the number of posts LL_COOL has submitted & I am unaware who he is I am unwilling to provide details of myself to him, unless anyone here can verify him :) cheers
  13. Will there be any naked events?
  14. Depends if a certain officer from 22 MI Coy tips up...

    I shan't follow his example this time though... :oops: