Army/Navy Rugby 2009

Fine result, but does anyone know where I can find video of it? Have googled but to no avail... I particularly want to see the two Army backs Keystone Kops moment before one of them runs 75 yards to score!
Cracking game.

Our No 10, Jack Prasad so the team sheet says, was something else. Although being a Fiji International probably helped :)

Great day, great match, absofcukingloutley great 2 days on the lash.

The weekend had everything. Loadsa beer, excellent rugby, streakers, loads of old mates, projectile vomiting, sweaty head licking, being chucked out of clubs and infidelity. How much better does it get?

The only down side was being woken up by a right ugly cnut this morning at some unGodly hour so that he could drive back to have din dins with his missus.

Having an 8" rubber c0ck thrown at you at 0800 when you didn't get in until 0300 after 16 hours on the p1ss was not my idea of a nice morning call.

As for why there was an 8" rubber c0ck in the room when the only occupants were me and MDN and there was only one single bed, you'll have to ask him.

Edited to add. Of course the other great thing was watching the Navy get absolutely fcuked over :) The Navy guy in front of me made me chuckle, every time an Army player dropped a ball he cheered and clapped and then turned around to the thousands of squaddies he was surrounded by and said "well what fcuking else am I going to get to applaud". Good man. The "You surrendered to Iran" chant in the downstairs bar tickled me as well :)

It was mentioned several times that the Navy's bad handling of the ball was probably down to the Vaseline on their hands.
Have got to say what a fcuking scream again, had to send a text to my mate (hopes to be Navy no. 8 next year) at the break to offer my honest ;-) The best laugh was the bird who went into the gents trap in 'the patch' when it was brimming with all sorts...she would have been better using the floor or the sink!
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