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Discussion in 'RLC' started by theflyinghandbag, May 8, 2006.

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  1. We went, we saw, we conquered :?

    Wet weather, warm beer, "Fun Police" out in force and hordes of RLC in their best FINBAR suits (Fighting in Bars and Restaurants - jeans & rugby jersey)

    Be interested to hear what others think compared with last year.

    PS - Did anyone see DRLC?
  2. The actual rugby IMHO was a bit boring......

    But the sight of people trying to scramble up the career ladder, or pursuade the boss that they're good, by using 'smoke and mirrors' and wearing their jacket & tie...

    Priceless :)
  3. No but some goon was sighted in one of those horrfic Offrs Club blazers the old one used to wear!

    On the fun police side of things, I thought the RN Shore Patrol and our own RMP did quite well to remain passive...seeing the civvy police flapping round outside the Patch with their Military counter parts looking on calmly when some Sailors unfurled a White Ensign was entertaining! I don't think Plod undrestands the concept of BANTER over inciting riots!

    I didn't see a rugby ball all day; does that make me a bad person?! :twisted:
  4. Only managed about ten mins of the match myself, not the best etertainment - much more fun smuggling carry outs over the wall a "The Patch"
  5. Game started off well, the first ten minutes included an almost try by Army and then an almost fight.

    But the pitch was too slippery, and the ball was like a bar of soap at times.

    Lots of attempts to get over the line, but it just wasn't happening.

    There was more interest at the latter stages in the sending off of Scooby Doo, especially with the arrival of a convoy of marshalls to take him away.

    Saw a handful of people in jacket and tie, but mostly a sea of rugby tops, including quite a lot of Army red ones.

    Thought the way they got everyone away from the ground at the end was well handled, expected a nightmare getting to the train station and then onto a train, but it was very simple.
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Match was that exciting I fell asleep twice, although that may have been brought on by beer consumption.

    Jacket and tie? No thanks. Army rugby shirt? Yes please. Should have made it compulsory to wear red.
  7. Don't start on compulsory dress, the US Army/Navy American football match is No2 Dress for serving members!
  8. Know the feeling. I was in jacket and tie, not for ladders and careers, as my conversion skills would have put paid to that but after even more beers in the tent after the game, it all went hazy and I couldn't have cared if I was dressed in a wet suit sporting a pink fluffy scarf. The crack was good, more beer was drunk and more abuse was delivered to another jacket and tie wearing mate - roll on next year!
  9. Turned up in the requested collar and tie. Very disappointed in lakc of support from other WOs and Officers. Tried to seek comfort by getting drunk but spent too much time talking! Did not seee DRLC or CRSM so fcuk em! Its FINBAR for me next year with a Red shirt. My ceiling is reached with pension secure! 533 days and an early breakfast to do!!!
  10. As yet no sightings reported of DRLC, CRSM was in The Cambridge "booted and suited" during the second half of the match :oops:
  11. Suits or no suits it was a top weekend, The Best competetion all day was the Army v Navy Tug of war in the Racing post car park. They were in fancy dress and we looked liked we were on route to a Chav wedding! We won 3 - 2 and plenty of women and children were hit in the cross fire!
    Roll on next year, Pity Mcnato could not last the course eh fella! (Bed by 10, I hear)
  12. No, that was down to you dragging us into a canteen bar, convincing us it was the next best thing since Stringfellows :roll: Long drive back to Southampton was just as interesting as the game (the world according to Heed)
  13. Corps RSM was definitely in the tent- I tried to nick his tie but he wasn't keen to let go of it!!
  14. Mate,
    As usual you where 24hrs to late! The night before was stringfellow night, they must of heard you and heed were coming and binned the entertainment to laff at your Mong suits.
    The poor show in the bar could also be blammed on one of our toms trying to outdrink a Aussie bird then spewing across the whole dance floor, did not go down to well with the staff, squaddies eh!
  15. Hear next season is Army Rugby centenary - aim for 50,000 spectators and max in Army red shirts. Hope for a big game and big score having just whooped Navy in their Centenary!