Army Navy Match - What a day!


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Well done the Army Rugby team! Thankyou for giving the Navy a comprehensive stuffing, and providing us all with a quality excuse for a top day out and a quality bender!

Cheers also to the mad taff stripper - good show! And the jocks trying very hard to get the crowds going and organising the mexican waves - well done those fellas! Pity the boring Senior Service were being dull and refusing to play. No sense of fun - taking life far too seriously.

A big 'cheers easy' to my good friend Stella. My Belgian Mistress was on fine form last night, and will be keeping my spellchecker is business for at least the rest of today, of not tomorrow as well.

Anyone out there got any quality gossip from yesterday?? Anyone got mates still in the cells? :twisted:
Army Vs Navy is a good laugh at end of day. I still don't see why its played as Army tend to win, so its not really a match is it when you know the outcome!

I didn't go in end this year. Shame!

A few mates were walking home after match a tad drunk, passed a squaddie gobbing off. Ended up scrapping. Lets just say poor lad.

My mates spent the night in cells. Awaiting ROB!

Got to give the navy credit on fact they are mental when it comes to scrapping.

Poor lad though!!!!
(Waiting on the dits of the fights down the Barbican)
GQ woke up at Fleet services on the M3 on the way home! So what i hear you ask, .......... I went to Twickenham on the train.

The RA bar in the rose room was great, especially towards the end when they started giving away the beer. Much better than paying £3 a pint for it :D:D:D
I was impressed that someone was able to get a rubber dingy into the ground,have enough breath to blow it up and then hurl it at least ten rows forward, myself, I managed to bunk into the AMS bar by placing a cut off end of my mates blue wristband under my watch and just amble past security giving it a quick flash. Didnt see any trouble apart from on the train home there were 2 pissed booty's gobbing off about how great they were,they were the guvnors and medal winners yadda,yadda,yadda (I suspect they were RMR trying to big themselves up) as they were total cocks, fair play to the RLC boys who made the chief gobshite booty look a knob, this was when the booty said something like "shut up or I'll deck ya" and the RLC bloke said "yes mate of course you will" booty replied "your lucky" and scampered of down the train to his mate.
it always amazes me how so many people get on any passing train and arrive at the right destination (cov garden etc) after the match. like bloody homing pigeons. brilliant.

cabbage patch was mental as usual..cheers everyone for an absolutely top day. never managed to make the church unfortunately (family stuff and all that).

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