army navy game

does any body know the result?


9-3 to us!
there was more tension in the kids match at half time, how ever the scraps on field were priceless
Hobgoblin said:
Boring second half then....hope the bars were open

The bars were shut,but the local pubs were open! HURRAH!
They obviously know a good business opportunity.

I thought the game plan by the army was very boring,however it was an entertaining bit of handbags!

worse part of the day was getting off the train at waterloo and having to find change to go for a p*ss.
the attendant realised,however,that if he didnt open the gate he was going to be flooded-literally.
Scooby doo be doo we love you.
The only thing that really got the crowd going.

Half time was funny watching loads of lost souls wandering in search of an open bar!
Maybe if the teams had produced a more exciting game we wouldn't have had to find other entertainment.
At least we won!!!!
Oh what a dire match! After the intial fisticuffs in the opening 10mins I thought it was going to be an awesome game but it was just rubbish. The army no.10 needs a severe talking to!!
Scooby doo, spidey and shaggy were hilarious. And I have to admit to being involved in my first mexican waves then as well ;-) But I guess that just proves how bored the crowd were....
However, the U21 universities Vs U21 Combined Services earlier in the day provided an amazing match! The combined services had a much deserved win, after the idiotic ref (I am far to annoyed still to mention that plank of a touch judge!) declared uncontested scrums. The signaller prop deserves an england cap! He wiped the floor with the fatboy uni ones, even got his opposite number clean off the floor at one point! :-D

Army 9 - Navy 3 was the final score, no tries scored :-(
ok so it was poor - the skill levels were similar to what I saw the next day at an under 9's match.

More importantly who is Scooby Do?

Why didn't Shaggy and Spiderman save him?

Hopefully he has been chipped and can be returned to his owners!


Book Reviewer
Aunty Stella said:
Well done lads.

The Navy must have been too scared of chipping their nails to put up a real fight
Nah....but I bet DNR will send a recruiting team to Fiji,Tonga and Samoa before too long ! :lol:

Well done Poppy, the fearsome Blessed Babes/Kitty combo and Irish Doris for patrolling the outskirts of Twickers with the Combat Stress collecting tins and modelling the haute couture Combat Stress Tee shirts with great aplomb -
largely due to their ferocity/persistence and YOUR generosity guys and gals, the Southwark Crew raised £390 for the charity....form a circle and administer pats on backs....NOW! :)

On behalf of Combat Stress, and the veterans it exists to serve, a most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all who contributed....good on yer ! :D

BRAVO ZULU ladies, and thank you SO much. Tick VG, milk monitor badges in the post !

.....and for those persons at the match , apparentely commissioned officers in Her Majesty's Armed Forces , who were too mean to drop some copper in the boxes - if the cap inscribed << PISO BAR STEWARD >> fits, please feel free to don it right KNOW who you are !

Lee Shaver
dfor said:
does any body know the result?
9-3 the army

Hope the Gunners all had a good day? we were over in the Stoop as the ARU could only offer us a bar for 300. we had a charity match in the morning withy ZinZan playing and a bar that never shut..... oh what a night...

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