Does anybody know what the crack is with our Bar this year at the Army Navy game? Don't what to get caught out again this year and get conned into buying tickets for the " tech " bar, what a fantastic time I had listening to twats talk about computers and Judge Dread comics, until I escaped and found the real bar. Help me out guys, cheers.
Theres a public bar at twick thats always heaving with people.
There are no public bars at Twickenham for Army Navy. If you have any queries or would like tickets for the REME bar then pm me or look for my details in this months Craftsman.
yes there is....i drink in it every army V navy game. Its the tetley bar
It seems that a few people have been led to believe that the REME bars this year have a dress code. Thats not true, it's the same as every year.

This year we have the Scrum bar and the Ruck and Maul giving us a prematch capacity of 2700 and a post match capacity of 4100. Last year we sold 2400 tickets so there should be no problem obtaining tickets and wristbands. For any more info PM me or look for details in the Crafty
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