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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Thebull140, May 5, 2005.

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  1. I just want to say a big good luck to the lads on saturday. Especially the 2 Royal Signals representatives on the team. Of course we cant forget the strong corps presence in the coaching setup as well. Hopefully the guys will do us proud and stick plenty past the senior :lol: service.

    So how many Arrsers managed to get tickets for the corps bar in the end? Hopefully i'll see you in there. I'll be the drunk one in the corner explaining in extreme depth, to a plant pot, why the front row is by far the most difficult and technical position on the pitch.
  2. Then you will start on about the loss of FRI, Tech promotion, FoS v IS Supvr who would win in a star trek fight to the death, Tech promotion, BPFA`s do they matter?, Tech Promotion...

    hehe, have fun m8
  3. Geee thanks Disco, from one tech to another that means a lot. :lol: Anyway this is rugby and is far more important than stuff like that.
  4. Some of us lads from 12 troop Royal signals ULOTC will be in the sigs tent, so see you there!
  5. Possibly the most valuable, true and most pertinant post on this entire website. Three beers for the front row club.... :D
  6. i totally agree, as long as they don't pass the ball to us in open play :wink:
  7. That's happened to me twice this season. Got confused and fell over :oops:
  8. I'll be there - tiny bloke, dark hair, jock accent, white patterned short-sleeved shirt. Give me a shout you tech nosher (I'll be hanging with some other tech noshers).

  9. You called Disco a tech. Ouch :cry:
  10. i'll be the one celebrating my birthday so you can al buy me a beer
  11. Well i dont know Al but i'll buy you a beer. I've bought you a ticket and arranged for you somewhere to stay anyway. Ungrateful git :p
  12. what you on about i'm very grateful i didn't come round and steal your beer last night
  13. So is anyone else gonna dip into the coffers and buy Smoojalooge a beer for his birthday. He'll be the one telling me to shut the fcuk up about the bloody front row and to stop telling people about the time i spanked a certain member of the army squad all over the 7's pitch.
  14. said player was in a wheelchair and on oxygen at the time, but the bull does love to tell that story love him.

    Anywell i'll be to busy telling everyone about the 22 yard drive i once made and fighting everyone off the fit blonde i'm bringing
  15. Shame the 22 yard drive was the furthest your car ever made it and the fit blonde is a swedish personal trainer called Sven