Army Navy 2008 Result

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cuckingfunt, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Cant find the result anywhere (no, not the thousands of rubber people wandering around Twickenham) but the game.

    Haven't got Sports on telly and cant find it on t'interweb.

    Anyone got the result???

    P.S. I'm assuming we trashed their arrse like we usually do! :wink:
  2. :D 22-11 Army forwards were awesome
  3. And who was the streaker???
  4. Was that to the navy or Fiji then? (stands by for incoming :p )
  5. I think you mean, "Was that to the Marines or Army then?"

    And it was the Army regardless.
  6. Cheers Detters, would have loved to have been there, but work had other ideas for me! :roll:
  7. Streaker got excellent support, safe to say every one was drunk as a feckin skunk
  8. On a more pertinent note, what was the result of the fight between the morris dancers in the car park?
  9. The Streaker ran like a librarian. Big jessie had his pants on (with a hole for his family jewels to peek through - not that we looked or anything). :D :D :D
  10. Did he have anything to show,we reckon he was a skimmer!
  11. Laughed me chosp off when i saw the streaker. Who was he, i want to get him a pint!!

    Well done the Army, although the kicking was shite!!!

  12. hey i'd just like to say well done then navy! they played with balls and determination! If we were even sloppier they would've scored alot more. However well done army and especially the RE God who carried the team!! HAHA where's my alkaseltzer
  13. In my rucksack, with Stabtiffy's underpants. Come and fetch it.
  14. Who the hell was the guy dressed up like a Thai Go-go dancer in a pink minskirt, hold ups and a white vest wandering around in the West Stand/west car park?

    I wasn't impressed with the bar shutting early in the West Stand-I missed most of the second half trying to get beer. :x

    A certain Arrser owes me big time for getting him a wristband for the RSigs tent but we both enjoyed listening to the filthy scouser in there who said she was going to get her tits done :D
  15. Next year everyone streaks.. lets see how the fun police deal with that!