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Discussion in 'REME' started by sparky8, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. OK then, somehow I have again volunteered to have a cack day out in Twickenham cos people are badgering me for wristbands, tickets, bus passes etc etc etc. I blooming well hope Im selected for the vets in the morning or Im gonna be crying by 1 if not!

    Full details will be in the February edition of the Crafty. As far as I am aware, the price of a ticket and a wristband will be £25 this year. This includes entry into a prize draw, prizes to be confirmed!

    Please feel free to ask questions over these means but if you can, please try to avoid phoning me at work as it becomes very annoying answering bone questions when the answer is written in the Crafty article that you have used to get my number!!

    One last plea. Lats year out of 300 odd envelopes that I sent out (3000+ tickets sold last year) I believe that less than 10 envelopes didnt reach their destination. Almost each envelope was returned to the ARU as the recipient had not put enough postage on the envelope. Please make sure that your envelope is also big enough to hold all of the tickets!

  2. Nice one Sparky. You deserve a Mention in Dispatches or something for your efforts towards the CORP getting plastered every year :D

    Would you be so kind as to PM me the details for sending cheques, etc to please? Now I'm back in the sticks, the station library doesn't have the crafty :roll:

  3. Let me finalise the cost mate then I will no probs. saves another PM at a later date!
  4. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Is your ticketing service only open to current serving members of the illustrious corps, or can those of us with historical links avail ourselves of the service?

    I got mine through a mate in the RLC last year and was stuck in a tent with a load of movers nextdoor to the real action.


    p.s. could you PM me the info as I'm to tight to pay out for craftsman.
  5. I don't give a toss who wants a ticket mate, serving, ex service, gonna be serving, suicide bomber whatever. Your money is good with me!
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Blimey think I only fit into 2 of the above categories (and not saying which ones)...if you could PM me with details once you have them organised I'd appreciate it. I have to check if anyone I know is going otherwise I'll be the billy no mates with a REME wristband trying to find people in the tent who remember me.

  7. Sparky8,

    Is it possible to just buy the wristbands this year or does it still have to be match and wristband together.

    The reason I ask is that a friend of mine was one of the first to send you payment for 5 tickets and wristbands last year, you cashed his payment but didn't send the tickets until near the date of the game. Then, unfortunately you only sent him 5 tickets and 3 wristbands - He had to scramble around on the day to get 2 'free' wristbands from mates to go with the 5 tickets. All you said was that it was all you had left.

    If you have to buy both together then will it be more controlled this year? i.e. 1 ticket with 1 wristband?


  8. Think your mate is pulling your plonker. Once I get the tickets I action the requests immediately. I didnt send anyone less wristbands than tickets. Was this bloke Jim H by any chance? If it was then he was one of those that I mentioned that didnt put enough postage on his envelope and it was returned after the match by the royal mail. I scrambled and pulled in those three for him on the day going out of my way. Reward - a gobfull from him in front of a pal and his wife in the REME tent.

    In answer to your question, no. You want a wristband, you buy a ticket. That also goes for guys who buy through their units allocations or mess or whatever. Demand far outstrips supply and we get nothing for selling wristbands.
  9. Count me in again this year Sparky.

  10. I have a want for 2 tickets and wristbands but neither me or me mucker are REME. Can we still apply??????

  11. yes
  12. Sparky8,

    No, not called Jim. As I said he received 5 tickets but only 3 wristbands - Perhaps he did make it up but to be honest he's not one to lie.

    So be it, hopefully all will be good this year and another fantastic event - just need the bar to go lengthways in the tent rather than widthways and more staff. The queue for beer was mental last year!

    Thanks for your reply.

  13. Hi, i am trying to get hold of 10 tickets to the army navy match with REME wristbands, can you help?
  14. Yep. Get a Feb Craftsman magazine and just do what it says in there!

    Hope that helps
  15. Army V Navy Hmmm Sounds like a good day out!