Army Musicians


Anyone come across any musicians? What are the general opinions of them in the Army?

I ask because I'm in the process of applying as a string bass player and just wondered about the levels of abuse I can expect for being called a soldier but not actually going near any fighting...!

It would be good to hear from any musicians (applying or serving) - information on the Corps of Army Music seems to be quite limited on here.

Used to know a few in Blandford, R Sigs band. They are not bad people, same as many you will meet.

As for how the Army view them. Well, they may rip the p1ss ref stretcher bearers (not anymore though) etc, but that is part of the job.

Just be ready to learn lots of new instruments, go on plenty of jobs and be ready to deploy as needed. (some bands deploy more than others).

The job is a lot better now too, due to the Corps of Musicians allowing easier transfer from band to band. You don't have slow promotion anymore.

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