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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by slayer007, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi Guys and Gals

    I am wanting feedback from serving MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing practitioners.

    Due to the lack of recognition 'since its birth in 1995' from the stone age traditionalists at the AMAA I am presently in consultation with a world governing body to set up a Army Network/Association.

    Obviously this would be initially outside of the control of AGAI or the Army Sports control system so therefore would be self funding like any other civilian organisation of its type, but it would be the first step to getting Army representation off the ground.

    I dont know if anyones looked at the RAF Martial Arts Association recently but they are light years ahead in recognition of traditional and modern styles and in recent years been on training expeds to Thailand etc

    One of the many many many things that baffles me about the army is that it recognises; Judo 'part of my MMA syllabus' Boxing 'Part of my MMA syllabus' Karate 'Freestyle verison, part of my MMA syllabus' and Tae Kwon Do 'Some training methods, part of my MMA syllabus' but yet they still say that MMA is too aggressive in its approach as are Thai and Kickboxing! Hmmm, well they recognise a good handfull of combat sports which make up the sport of MMA, funny that isnt it! There are also many options available to counter the threat from serious injury, such as padding and controlling the level of physical contact between fighters.

    'Yep I know, Sport England hasnt recognised MMA or the other mentioned arts either, before the handbag brigade get their Norris bags out! But these are the fastest growing sports in the world with huge amounts of people from all ages training in them. If its good enough for the RAF then surely we should be there too!

    Anyway, rant over with...

    The basis of the association would be;

    Member Licensing & Insurance
    Regular training seminars
    Army team & regular squad selection/training
    Inter Unit Events and leagues
    Unit, Regional and National Events & Titles
    International Challenges

    Much Much More....................................

    I would also be interested in hearing from experienced practitioners from all disciplines so that an association council can be set up, aswell as the need for a secretary, finance controller, national & regional Coaches, referees and judges.

    Anyone interested in joining, either on an individual practitioner or team basis contact me through this or the means listed below. At the moment it is still in the thinking, planning and consulting pot but all feed back and interest would be very appreciative and a contact list will be made for future developments.

    Also anyone in the area, either passing through or posted in come and join us for training every night '18:00 -21:30' in the matted out squash court or in the main hall on the bags etc.

    Del Wild
    Army Foundation College
    Penny Pot Lane
    North Yorkshire
    HG3 2SE

    01423 813 248

    Mil ext 4248

    British Services Martial Arts Federation

    The Rat Pit & England Shootfighters

    0843 289 24 53

    07598 858 023

    Any way thanks for your time im off to take some squad training for a show in december and I look forward to hearing from you all soon


  2. Although i'm not due to start phase 1 till january i've been looking into kickboxing in the army. At the time of leaving I will have been training for the last year so not only do i want to keep it up but take it up to the next level. So if possible could you keep me updated as I would like to see this happpen and in time sign up (all going well the training first of course). If you need an e mail address for furture purposes just ask. Thanks and hope it all comes together.
  3. never gonna happen
  4. Have to agree and its a shame really, as MMA is big with the US Army/Marines.
  5. Guys & Gals,

    It may or may not happen officialy within the army system but an unofficial British Army Association will! Infact it is already in the process of being structured! As I said I am hoping it may kick start the Army into actually showing an interest, but if not hey ho never mind, units and individuals can still compete against each other on the events and for the titles I originally listed and all under the umbrella of the ' British Army Combat Sports Association'.

    Hence why I asked for experienced knowledgeable practitioners to put them selves forward for senior positions and also for units to log their teams or individuals with us for further correspondence!


  6. Hi mate,

    I have had conversations with people on the AMAA commitee and the answer I get is that It hasnt happened, as yet!!
    Because the senior officers on the AMAA board and the doctors who they consult 'in a nut shell' think it is far too high a risk of serious injury.

    However in recent weeks I have heard that since my last conversation and their meeting, things have apparently moved on considerably! However I am not witnessing much 'considerable movement from them'!

    I first spoke to the secretary of the AMAA over a year ago and put many arguments forward and also ways of countering the fear of serious injury, with various options available to get things off the ground. I also put some names of the most influencial organisations forward for them to contact and research my points.

    But still the AMAA web site states in its opening paragraph 'The Army Martial Arts Association (AMAA) is open to all Martial Arts practitioners in the British Army Its aim is to actively promote and encourage Martial Arts within the British Army.

    This is obviously not true and if you look at the site and see what you can actually practice with the AMAA, you will see that there are many styles missing 'MMA, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu, Nin Jutsu and Aikido to name just a few. Then go to the RAF version and be in awe!!

    It also doesnt help our cause when groups of fighters persuade the board to let them give a demo of MMA and put forward a well thought out argument but then not actually turn up!!! Which leaves a panel of AMAA colonels and brigs etc sat their waisting their time and seriously more and more pissed off and against the idea of allowing other arts and styles into their click!!
  7. Yep your absolutely right Spenny MMA is really big within the US forces and funny you should mention it as I am currently 'earlier this afternoon to be precise' in the process of speaking to our colonial cousins with regards to me taking my squad to train with a US Marine team at a facility they have in the UK! ;)
  8. Recently come back from Cyprus and a few of the lads there (Army) have started a MMA club in Akrotiri, has a reasonable amount of members now. Just before I left a few of them had fought on one of the Cypriot shows in Nicosia. They have been invited to train at various training teams in the Republic of Cyprus as a result. I know its not a massive sport in Cyprus as yet but it is starting to pick up. Getting these guys on board would be good for them and possibly your campaign to bring this sport forward within the Army?

  9. Hi Cherryviper,

    Yeh there is a huge following within the army of either current practitioners or intending to start.

    Further on from my initial thread I have been in talks with some pretty influential people within the MMA world, including a meeting last week with Oli Thompsons 'UK UFC Heavy Weight Fighter' manager with regards to setting up the first Army based MMA league. Plans are moving along nicely and hopefully everything should be in place to launch by next summer, so watch this space!

    Incidentally, can you provide a contact email for anyone involved with the cypriate based Army MMA club that you mentioned?
  10. Hi Slayer,

    I will PM you details on how to get in touch with them. I think its a little to early to call the strong man a "UFC Heavy Weight Fighter" more of a Heavy Weight Prospect at the moment, his debut is at 138 I believe here in Birmingham :) oh yes did I mention I will be there?

    I first started over 8 years ago in Catterick with the same fight team as the Guv'nor and lived to regret training with him he is a mad man with shins of steel I am sure. Havent really continued as wasnt getting the right training and never had the commitment to continue to be honest, been looking around the gyms here in Brum and hope to find one suitable to train with shortly. It has come along way in the Army since those early days and I dare say it will continue to grow at an expedential rate so hopefully you will be able to see this through in your career.

    Good Luck with it.

  11. Cheers for the Cyprus info mate and oh yeh did I mention I will be there too!

    He has a UFC contract so in my book hes a UFC fighter, just one thats not stepped inside their octagon yet! lol

    Hope you find a gym and start regular training, then come and join the fun next year.
  12. Hi mate.

    I may be talking out of my hoop but is the lack of an official interest from senior level perhaps something to do with public perception of MMA?

    Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of the sport but even I have to agree that it comes across as the pikeys sport if choice. 2 MMA gyms I've visited locally where full of all the usual cronies that you see spilling out of a pub kicking the shit out of each other on a Saturday night. My background lies in boxing which, no mater what gym I went to, had a far more professional and sport-like feel to it.

    Only time will tell but boxing, karate, judo, etc are all time served respectable sports with the majority of participants taking part for the sport itself, not to look hard. I'm not saying all MMA participants fall into this category but I'm sure a fair few do. There are two lads in my coy that have switched from traditional styles of martial art to MMA so there must be more like that.

    Good luck with what you're trying to achieve and I hope it goes well. But until it loses the stigma I spoke of I think you're fighting an uphill battle.
  13. Nail on head. Despite being an interesting sport, it's a victim of its own success. It's seen as the new WWF Wrestling.

  14. Yep they were the good old days when people who trained MMA actually wanted to fight and not just walk around saying "I'm a big bad cage fighter"
  15. Well I found this advertisement in my own area, but unaware how well it's advertised in Catterick Gn

    so it's 'not' completely unknown in Military circles (although this is at Unit level only)

    "Pride & Glory - Heroes - 5th November 2011"
    Pride & Glory - Heroes - 5th November 2011 - Fighters Sought

    Might be an idea to contact the organsiers as it's not far from AFC ;-)