Army medics learn new clinical skills

Army medics learn new clinical skills | British Forces News

"quote" The Army Medical Services have begun a new partnership with the civilian world to help train its soldiers.

Sixty experienced medics have taken part in a pilot scheme to teach them about clinical situations they wouldn’t come across in military life.
As well as learning new skills, they’ve earned a professionally recognised qualification.

Excellent news
I was under the impression that the university course for CMT's class 1 on completion, would allow work within the NHS as a qualified EMT , my comment of excellent news, was a knee jerk comment, regarding CMT's trade being recognised nationally. Perhaps someone who is knowledgeable can enlighten us if this is correct?
About ******* time.

As a doc, I've been amazed at the capabilities the CMT's have, and disappointed that they're not recognised appropriately in civvy street.

They often put some of the civvy paramedics to shame!


Book Reviewer
it used to vary though with the nhs ignoring stuff we did which we knew worked like tourniquets :)

we were poor mans nurses but just as good

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