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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by CombatChica, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. I am in the process of joining the army, I took my barb test today and have been given my medical forms and a SC/CTC form.
    In Jan my Dr prescribed me prozac, I was a little down but not in need of this, I took myself of it in a few months and didnt feel the effect of it one bit, it wasnt neccessary for the Dr to put me on this. Will this stop me getting in? I am obviously going to declare it but also put in my thoughts and hope the Dr will agree altho Im basically saying he got it wrong so I doubt he wil agree.
    I am 28 so cant afford to be deferred really
    Any help advice would be appreciated
  2. Some drugs you have to have been off for 12 months before you can join.

    But that 12months is from when your doc stops prescribing the drug. If you have not done so already you need to see the doc and stop your prescription, then sit tight for a year.
  3. Thank you for that, the last time I took any was May this year, I was hoping to get in for about april next year anyway so all is not lost.
    Do I have to hold off the rest of my application till then or should I go ahead and they will defere me till May
    Thanks again
  4. Put on form. see medical documents and nothing else, then hope for the best. It would be a more professional response than on here to say. After all the Army will get hold of your medical documents & notes anyways.
  5. be honest with your answers - the doc will refer you to psyci div for advice

    usually if anyone has been prescribed any anti-depressants, you need to have been off medication for a period
  6. He has probably been a GP for many years, and although not all GP's have exemplary conduct (Shipman et al), he must have put you on prozac for a reason. He is a proffesional, who are you to say he got it wrong!

    You should speak to your Doctor directly, and ask if he agrees you should actually come off the drugs (even though you have stopped taking them yourself), and ask him to put a note in your medical documents to the affect that you were prescribed the drugs but no longer need to take them and you have been off them since the time you stopped (if that makes sense :? )

  7. surely the army docs will basicly say "you went to the doctor, so you obviously thought you had a problem.". also, you have the right to refuse treatment i believe, and that fact you took them is also acknowledging you did not think the doctor was wrong.

    the army is unlikely to accept your medical opinion over his. unless you honestly, 100% believe you should have never had valium, just tell the truth. if you dont it could bite you.
  8. I have every intention of telling the truth, I went to the Dr as I was feeling over tired and a bit overwhelmed. I do believe on reflection that I was prescribed prozac far too easily and as I was feeling a bit pathetic I honestly thought they would help. They did nothing but make me tired and nothing to improve my state of mind, I just needed to stop wallowing. I have been off the tabs since April, My Dr is well aware of this as it was discussed at length how I would come off them as all they did was make me tired. I took them for approx 8-10 weeks.

    Some one replied to me and said I have to be off the tablets for 1 yr before I can get in. My question was do I carry on with my application or do I leave it where it is until I have been off the tabs for a full year (April 08) If I carry on with the application will I get thro and just told to wait until April to go on training or will everything stop until the year is up?
  9. Carry on with the application as only the Medical Personnel can make the final decision.
    This decision will be made based on the information provided by your GP on the RG8 and any other / extra information they feel they need to get based on the contents of your RG8.
  10. I agree with the above, as long as you don't have any skeletons in the closet on your medical records, you should be fine. Don't delay your application, let them decide..........and good luck!

  11. Thank you very much, will just tell them everything and hope for the best.

    Appreciate all your advice
  12. Yes exactly this as once theyve assessed your RG8 and got the further Information off of your GP you will then get either a Not allowed to join letter or a letter with a defferment date assessed on the date the GP thought you had come off medicaTION. At least then you can work on your fitness and start prepping to get through your application at a fast pace.