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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ABCman, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. wat exactly happens at the medical i just need to know because i want to be prepared for everything
  2. Eye test (read from the chart), hearing test (put on headphones and say 'yes' when you can hear the high or low noise), strip to your boxers for a hernia check, reflex tests (bangs your knee with a little hammer), and the doctor will go through your medical form and ask you any other questions.
    Fill in the form correctly and be 100% honest. Should all be over in about 15 minutes. Mine was when I had mine earlier this year.
  3. Thanks for that.

  4. when you are asked to bend over for a rectal examination.......take a book with ya to read ....could take a long time......
  5. You fail if you get wood when the doctor cups your balls.
  6. just had one, read my post below!!
  7. During the rectal exam, if the Doc puts both hands on your shouders and says just relax, you know something has gone badly wrong.
  8. What about if the doc is female????? :D
  9. Try not to get a hard on especially if its a old female doc.
  10. They’re the ones who give rectal exams with both hands on your shoulders.
  11. just as supermark500 said...
    Although the naked pressups and starjumps seemed a little out of the blue. ;)
  12. [/quote]What about if the doc is female????? :D[/quote]

    Just lie back, and think of England!
  13. 1.fill in the fmed with all your details.
    2.temperature,blood pressure,respiration.
    3.lung capacity test(how litres if air, your lungs can hold)
    4.eye test.
    5.colour blindness test.
    6.hearing test.
    7.interview with the dr.(bend down touch your toes)etc,etc.
    8.bloods taken,vaccs given(depending on your current status).

    should take about 30 minutes.depending on dr's workload.