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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by howie, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. im in the process of re enlisting and im now waiting for a date for my medical could anyone please tell me what it entails
    and is it normal to be accepted and given a posting before i have my medical thankyou
  2. Mate,we are in the same boat.Am still waiting to hear when my medical is.....3 weeks later.
  3. The medical is the same as the one you had on your first enlistment, if its dragging on, speak with your Army Careers Officer or senior at the recruiting centre where you have applied for re enlistment for an update.
  4. ok heres the story so far a new rule has been brought in stating that if you had a medical in the last 2 years you get right back in with no need for another medical
    my med docs are doing the rounds at perbright med centre as we speek but as to witch desk there at no one knows how ever i have been told by them that they decide if you are sutable for army life so now im back to worrying about getting so far everyone has said yes including my desk officer ,my main concern is that im 36 do you think that will go against me and also im 13 months in date of my last medical
    will they call me for a medical or just say no or will my in date medical go in my favour.
  5. if being 36 was a problem then the careers office would surely have told you?
  6. oh yes sorry about im just flapping a bit not thought of that