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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jimbob35, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Last week I went to my GP to fill out the army's medical form, theres absolutely nothing wrong with me so the whole form was ticked 'no'
    One exception being a note the doctor made about me having laser eye surgery 6 months ago and how every thing is fine now.

    Anyways, I had a call from my rec officer today saying the army has rejected the form and it is being returned to me in the post within the next week so i can return it to my GP for something to be confirmed... He said it was something about a leg injury i once had!?

    I did have a sprained ankle over 2 years ago, but that wasent put on the form as the form asked for injuries within the last 2 years.

    What the hell?? :?
  2. Well, I guess that when it arrives in the post you will know the answer!
  3. It's a routine thing just to ensure you are going to be fit for recruit selection centre. All your GP has to do is state that the injury has healed with no after effects and you'll be fine to continue your application. Are you sure its not the laser surgery causing the problem as I seem to remember laser surgery being an issue a few years ago unless the rules have changed?
  4. The RSC medical is pretty intense and they do need to know absolutley everything. I broke the tendon in one of my fingers when I was 10 and eight years later (The end of january this year) I was sitting with one of the RSC doctors stretching and bending it to make sure it still worked.
  5. Also please remember that the Army requests copies of all medical records from your GP so as to confirm that you haven't told any porkies on your medical form. This may be a question about something else on your medical record.
  6. Have you ever suffered from any sexually transmitted infections for instance? ....... I can guarantee if you shag any army nurses you will!
  7. You couldnt be more right, but seeing as that could take a week I thought I would ask those who have been through the process before. Which is far quicker.


    I mentioned the eye surgery to my rec officer, he didnt see a problem there so i hope theres no issue there.
    Somehow they must know about my ankle injury, but if it that is the problem why dont they just wait and see if i can do the 1.5 mile run, surely that will show them its healed in 2.5 years! :roll:
  8. I was under the impression (from arrse) that there are no fit birds in the army, i have standards you know!! :wink:
  9. And if you have told any porkies your application could be rejected completly. I have seen several recruits discharged for not declaring something on their medical forms. Which is why the army gets copies from your GP. Not that i am insinuating that this is the case here :roll:
  10. Fit birds dont need to join the army to get a shag mate, only the more aesthetically challenged members of the species are drawn to the wonderful world of sex starved squaddies. Its amazing how attractive they get when on ops though. Then again, most of them are just one plane ride from being ugly again.
  11. I seem to remember a tale where a flight redeploying troops from an op tour landed in the UK. The pilot said something along the lines of "welcome back to the UK and girls remember you are now officially ugly again." (True or not I don't care - it's a good story) :D
  12. Because if it hasn't healed and you damage yourself while doing the run you have grounds for claim. By checking the Army have covered themselves by taking "all reasonable care" to ensure you're fit.
  13. I’m afraid it’s your eyes, night vision can be substantially affected by laser surgery, & as recent campaigns have shown a lot happens at night.
  14. If it were my eyes surely my recruitment officer wouldnt have continued my application, as i mentioned this to him before i started applying. Also why would they waste the £50 to get my medical if it would get me nowhere...