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I’m currently 17 ( nearly 18 ), and am thinking of joining the army as an officer. However I am slightly concerned with the army medical test.

Unfortunately last year I attempted to commit suicide and was on anti-depressants for several months after. I have suffered quite badly from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and depression, although I am a lot better now.

I was wondering if anyone knew if this would prevent me from joining (i.e. would I fail the medical)? Also, would it depend on which regiment I applied to?




I seem to remember the medical questionaire saying something like 'any prolonged period of deliberate self-harm' would be an automatic bar to entry, so I'd assume that a suicide attempt be handled in a similar way- sorry.
hi guyz
i have a similar problem with joining about a year ago i accidently hurt myself round my neck while i was drunk. stupidly i said i tried to hang myself (i was unhappy at the time) and it all got outta control and i got diagnosed with depression and was on meds for a while. i admitted to my family and school that it was all a lie and that i dont actually feel depressed but will this all stop me from joining?
There is a time bar for entry after periods of mental health issues - IIRC 4 years - but don't quote me, because it's been 3 years since I had to look after one of my Ph1 recruits slipped through the net.

I would think that a time bar at least and possibly a definite no - being "a lot better" suggests you are not fully over this and may not get a clean bill of health from a doctor to sign your forms before attempting a medical.

Best bet, see your doctor. Get them to give you a frank evaluation - yes, you're fixed, you're nearly fixed etc. When you are better, they give yo the thumbs up and then approach the careers office for the yes/no/later answer on taking the entry medical.
Mental health issues or normally frowned upon when deciding whether people can handle the stresses of combat, sorry mate I'm fairly sure your chances are slim.

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