Army medical test, what they check?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by styleguy100, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    What do they check in the medical test? Do they check every area of your skin, for abnornal signs? Do you have to strip? haha

    Basicaly i have had a nail infection in both feet for a long time. Its isnt really bad but enough to know its an infection of the nail. I should have got rid of it ages ago but i was so nervous to show the doctor, two years later i finally went to see the doctor and got a prescription. I have been taking the medication now for 4 days but it will take around 6 months or more to clear. Shall i wait till its totally gone before i try to join the TA, as i may not get in?
  2. Do a search as there are sh1t loads of posts about medicals, as for your other question, you are best asking the careers office.
  3. As has been said, on numerous other threads of this type (use the fcuking search function !!!!!!) the internet is not a substitute for a properly trained medical professional, go and ask the AFCO and speak to a doctor, FFS!!!!!
  4. Well someone here may know of someone whos had the same problem. So if you dont know dont post simple. Its also a sunday so i cant get in contact with anyone, if it were a weekday i wouldnt have asked.

  5. Wait until its a weekday then muppet. Or as has been suggested, use the search function you lazy turd.
  6. Try washing your feet every now and then you festering civilian.
  7. Wow. Great responses here, i see your all a great bunch of people.
    Lmao theres more to it than just having a wash

    w/e gb

  8. Yep, you will not get a straight answer on here unless it is a very very good question.

    Have you actually used the search function? No you haven't otherwise you wouldn't have posted what do they check for in a medical.

    As you have not used the search function on this website, it shows to me and others you are a lazy tw*t.
  9. OK shitlips, lets start from the begining.

    Personal admin and hygiene not your strong point then?

    Did he tell you what was wrong because your first sentence suggests you diagnosed it yourself.

    Do you need the information right now? You didnt appear to be the impatient type when sorting your own hygiene out, so why the rush now?

    This is an Army rumour website, not a doctors clinic. If you really, really need to know now, at least do a search. If that throws up nothing just wait until Tuesday. Call a doctor or speak to the recruiting office.

    Sort your admin out you gungy fcuker.
  10. ...Welcome to Arrse styleguy100! :D I'm sure you're loving it already! ;)
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  11. If we tell you that it'll bar you from ever entering any part of the armed forces, will you fuck off and leave us alone?
  12. If your worrying about getting your pecker out, yes, you have to get it out.
  13. and you get fist-ed up the chocolate starfish.
  14. I'll tell you what they check, listen carefully:

    head, shoulders knees and toes
    knees and toes
    head, shoulders knees and toes
    knees and toes
    and eyes and ears and mouth and nose
    head, shoulders knees and toes
    knees and toes

    I enjoyed that.
  15. class lmao.