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But in a letter written in 2004, Gen Sir Mike Jackson, who was then the head of the Army, referred to the pressures being put on the military. He explained that the lack of attention to the wounded was "an aspect of undermanned rear parties [soldiers left behind when their regiments deploy] and general overstretch".
Remarkable that Gen Jackson's letter mentioned "overstretch", a state of affairs which the Chiefs of Staff and Ministers have repeatedly denied in public.

A brigadier had been instructed to visit Selly Oak every fortnight and letters were being sent to every unit in the Army "reminding them of their responsibilities".
That was in 2004. I wonder what that brigadier has been reporting?

As part of a package announced by the MoD yesterday, wounded troops will now receive up to £300 a month, better access to television and broadband computers and improved travel allowances for their families.

Eighteen extra military nurses will be sent to Selly Oak hospital and a 24-hour-a-day mental health nurse and an orthopaedic nurse will also be provided for troops.
That sounds very good news. Well done.

But no-one should now question that sometimes there is a place for media scrutiny and public comment on such an important matter as the medical care of our wounded, sick and injured.
He had bags under his eyes when I met him.

So what exactly happened to the promised military wing, (back in 1994). Another case of jam tomorrow, just like options for change promised a leaner fitter armed forces. T*****s.

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