Army medical runaround

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I’m in still in the process of joining the regulars and have done everything needed for my application, although a review on my medical file is still outstanding.

I’ve been in touch with NRC for the thousandth time regarding my medical and the second to last time I called, was told everything is in order and to contact my careers advisor to schedule selection date.

I spoke to my careers advisor who looked through my application to see that it hadn’t been reviewed. Just got off the phone again from NRC to be told that my medical had been reviewed although, they could only inform my candidate support manager (not careers advisor) who happens to be off all week regarding the outcome.
I’ve inferred from this that there must be some issue as they won’t tell the operator I spoke to at NRC a simple “yes, everything is in order, book him in”.

Has this particular kind of run around been given to anyone before? What was the outcome?


The outcome is probably recorded in one of the sticky threads set up specifically for discussing these sorts of topics You could try the medical one as a starting point.
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