Army Medical Requirements - Metallic Implants

Hello guys, girls, and officers.

I've got a question for you all.
I joined the army when i was 16 but a pretty bad leg injury made that have an unhappy ending in training. I was told to apply again in 3 years when everything had healed properly and it'd had time to go to **** again if it was going to. About a year after my MD i broke my jaw in 2 places, one on each side, don't ask how but anyway it meant having 2 bars screwed into the old mandible for the last 6 years. Problem is i never stopped wanting to apply again so here's my questions:

1. as far as i know the army will not allow applicants entry with metal stuff like this in them, is this still the case?
2. im going to book an appointment with my Doc on monday see what he says about getting them removed. Anyone know if it's possible on the NHS? or anyone with any idea what the doc might say?
3. If they can be removed and there's a waiting list (you know what the NHS is like), would the army do me a favor and put a rocket up their arrse and have me bumped up that list? see what i did?
and 4. would the army want me to wait 3 years before i apply or simply just until the wounds from the operation have healed?

any advice would be appreciated and please keep the amatuer surgeon offers to a minimum... and below £300 :D

First off I would go to the doctors and see what they have to say on the matter. ie can it be removed, what happens when it is removed when could it be removed.

Once you have the quacks info, and if itis still looking good, ask the ACIO about rejoining.
What they call you? lucky!!

I'd suggest seeing your GP and probably an orthopod, talking it through, metal doesn't mean the end of the world.

The important points are

1. Will it impair/impede your progress through training
2. Has the surgery permanently weaken structures, making you more susceptable to injury and and further serious damage

If the answer is yes to either of those IMHO the are unlikely to get through

You might want to post this on the medics board further down the forum
A friend of mine joined the QRH (tankie) with an arm full of metal (pins and plate.) after a motorbike accident when he was younger, that was about 5 years ago and I don't recall there being any problems. Good Luck.
Thanks guys.

I don't think a couple of bits of metal would impede much in the way of service and training.

I'm encouraged by skinn's post, did your mate disclose the information about his implants and did he still have them in his arm when he joined?
I know the army get you medical records so i'd assume they new.

I'll see what the doc's say anyway and i'll let you know. and If armchair warrior needs to borrow my ladders anytime, you only needs to ask. But i'm wondering how he can post that at 1032 when his shift at McD's started at 10am.

anyway, again, cheers for you're help
CharlieBoy, my mate definately had them when he went in, the details of his implants would have been on his medical forms when he went for selection at Lichfield and he was checked over by the doc at the center, all he had to do was show that he could hold his arms out straight, rotate his wrists etc, no dramas. Best of luck mate.

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