army medical rejected

when i got my army medical results bak it said im incompatiable with military service due to 3 uneaxplained loss of counscinoss in 1992, 1998 and 2004, i have reasons for the ones in 1998 and 2004. in 98 i had a really bad virus and was really sick and i passed out for like 20 seconds. in 04 i got kicked in the back really hard and passed out. what should i write in my appeal letter and wat should i get the doc to write in the appeal letter and wat sort of medical info do i need.
It's your right to appeal but look at without emotion for a moment.

You have a history of un-explained blackouts and you'd like someone to give you a loaded weapon?

Doesn't sound so good does it?


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You posted this before using gibberish language and the thread was deleted.

If they think your blackouts were serious enough to reject you out of hand, why would they consider an appeal? If there was any possibility they would re-consider, you would have been deferred, surely? How can they be 'unexplained' if you have tried to explain away 2 of them? The MOD would have considered your explanations and reviewed your Doctors' report.
them explainations were not in the doctors report i have no history wat so ever with epilepsy in my life, i have never had medication for it i have as much chance as losing counscinoss as anyone else. but yes i will talk it through with my doc thanks coops m8
Exactly this will nead to be cleared up as if they think you could have epilepsy you wont get in.... So get your dr to review your docs and write a letter explaining the episodes.
Firstly, write in english, not ebbreviated, mis-written, or text language.


Secondly, shame to hear mate, but thems the rules. If you want to appeal, I guess you have that right. I would get an appointment with my doctor, speak to him, ask his medical opinion. See if he is happy to put his opinion down on paper to use in your appeal
ok thanks gears yeah i have a doctors appoinment on tuesday what if them to reasons are not on my medical history can my doc still write the two reasons in his letter.
yh i have no history wat so ever of epilepsy in my records what so ever m8 is it worth having a brain scan and putting it in with my appeal m8. i have had an ecg b4 and that was fine if that is of any help.
coops2558 said:
Cannot see any non Civvi Abbreviations Here... Are you Drunk Gears?
No, was making a point more to the text language, just couldnt find the word first, so abbreviated went down!

Just makes reading a little difficult!

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