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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tatskull, May 24, 2013.

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  1. I received a email with my medical questionnaire a month ago. I done the questionnaire on my ipad, didn't realise that you needed to do it on a computer or laptop. At the end of the questionnaire I got a error and a number to call. I called it and got another number to ring and said it would take 3 - 4 weeks to get a reset email, every week I ring the number up and they keep saying the same thing 3 - 4 weeks, when 3 weeks have gone by and they tell me to ring another number which tell me to ring another number who tell me wait another 3- 4 weeks what's going on, getting angry at ringing up and getting passed around. Can anyone enlighten me more please.
  2. If your still waiting for an email wait until that time is up and if still nothing ring the NRC on the 0845 number and firmly tell them I'm still waiting for the email but nothing happening. I did mine on my iPhone so if you've got one do it on that because you should be further ahead I sent my medical off on 26th April 2013 and now I've got selection in August

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  3. I received my first medical questionnaire on April 24th, filled it out and got that same problem. I gave them a call and they re-sent the link which I received on May 2nd and got the problem again so now I'm waiting for the third questionnaire to arrive which according to them they reset on May 13th. I've been filling out the questionnaire on a pc using internet explorer (apparently Google chrome doesn't work too well) but the next time I do it I'm going to try it on my iPod, someone else said it worked for them on a smart phone but I don't have one. At the end of the day its a technical error which none of the drones in the office can fix so they just re-send the link. If it carries on I might re-apply from the start as some of the new applicants are getting a fast turn around time. Good luck with your application anyway!
  4. Any idea when next intake is for Hcav, its my first choice too although with the problems I'm having the likelihood of me getting there is pretty low.
  5. @Hilts-I'm also wanting household cavalry(blues and royals) I believe phase 1 is at pirbright although i have been told it might be at Winchester I do know there is intake on 11th November at pirbright so if you can get everything sorted quickly you could go then. You also received your medical same day as me so like me you should now be booked for selection mines in August we might even meet when phase 2 starts. You wanting life guards or blues and royals ?

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  6. I was thinking lifeguards but I don't really know why, maybe the colours are more appealing. Since they closed Bassingbourne I don't know where Hcav do phase 1, would be helpful to find out for interview though, imagine being asked in your icebreaker and not knowing. I reckon if I do get in, the intake on 11th November should be doable, six month is a pretty long time to get thing sorted. So yeah if we get caught up in training together it would be cool!
  7. I chose the blues and royals because I preferred the uniform lol when you go for your first face to face interview make sure you research the army values and standards there six values and three standards and and they'll ask you what they are, they'll also ask you to tell them a bit about your 3 job choices and why you chose them and what you know about selection and phase 1 they'll ask you about your friends and what there like and why you want to join that why you want to join question and a few others including fitness is marked out of 5 instead of him writing down your answer. Good luck with your application and I hope to see you in Hcav

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  8. Yeah you too, thanks
  9. I'm thinking about joining the rifles but I think I might be late with intake in a couple of weeks

  10. before you start the online medical they say its good to delete all your current history and cache and refresh the page and start it (if your on a laptop/PC) that way theirs less chance of problem, ive just finished filling mine out and had no problem what so ever eafter doing this:)goodluck!
  11. Doesn't matter now hilts passed selection last week

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