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Hi All,

Ive applied to join the TA Engineers, I used to be in the TA artillery 7 years ago for about 3 years and want to join again to fill up my spare time.

Basically im a bit worried about the medical, i looked at a few forums and it seems you must have a 100% perfect record history. I had upper back pain over 18months ago kind of caused by viral pnemonia, the back pain last for about 1 year intermittenly, ultimatlely this has now resolved and been fine for 18 months with no issues whatsoever, fitter than ive ever been, now im a bit worrried they will say no because of this, the dr gave me an astha pump at the time but i dont have asthma, i look at the army website and this could potentially rule me out. If they decline me do i have a right of appeal and how succusful may this be? sorry to go on a bit but it would be good to know

thanks in advance
check out the thread specially for medical matters and joining up.

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