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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sig_rob, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. ok, so i go off to my GP today to drop off my form since they wouldnt see me without an apointment even though I explained what I was doing there. Hand it in at reception, get told there will be a charge. So I produce the charges claim form and explain that they can claim back any fees relating to the report. The receptionist quite brusquely (sp?) tells me that they will have to write to the Army first and get the payment in advance before they proceed with the report. Arrrgh is all i have to say. I mean, you think the Army (or MOD or whoever actually deals with the charges) won't pay you? Sheeesh. Rant over.

    Just seems a bit off is all
  2. yeah i had that problem. i have done the form 2 times. the 1st time i did it with my old doctor and he did it in 10mins and took the claim form of me. and then i waited 2 weeks and the army got back to me. I failed because of a knee injury. anyway got my knee better went into my new doc's and i had to make an appoinment and they wanted contact details of my recruiting office to find out when they would get paid etc.. My new doctor went through my form and it took 45mins. but it has now been 3 1/2 weeks and i haven't heard from the army. i was going to give the army 4 weeks and then make sure that my doc's have sent it off to the army and then phone my recruiting sgt to find out wats going on
  3. Ive just had my appointment today, I just insisted on seeing my GP but she wasnt available so i had a differant docter. Took 10 minutes, all done he took my claims form and that was it. Now its just the wait.
  4. Sig_Rob, you're GP's receptionist sounds like she's got a bug in her arse.
  5. they are talking rubbish, I've just done the same thing, took about a week, collected it today, no problems! just keep chasing them up, if you don't it will takes ages.

    good luck ;)
  6. my son took his medica forms last friday doctor filled it in while he wated (30 minutes ) put it in the post the same day got a call this morning at 8 30 from the army carrers office telling him every thing was fine and they will contact him later with regards to interviews how quick was that
  7. I signed up to my doctors in November, it's now January, took my forms in 3 weeks ago and have been pressuring them ever since. Turns out my medical records are still not on my new doctors system, so I'm now chasing my old gp and the local health authority. That's what you get for not going to the doctors since I was 13.
  8. You do realise that when the last post was made on this thread, Kaiser Chiefs' where No 1 in the album chart and 'Take That' No 1 in the singles chart?
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  9. I could have posted it then and I'm sure I would still be waiting..

    First post so used the search function to avoid being shot down.

    Duly noted :/
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