Army Medical Cadetship - available for grad entry students?

Hey all, I'm new to the forum but have been a long time browser since deciding that I want to go to med school and become an Army medic.

I am currently a 1st year BSc Psychology undergraduate at the University of Exeter - I was very interested in Psychology before coming to university, and still am .. although since being here, I have realised that I am for more interested in the biological, anatomical functioning of the body (particularly the brain and nervous system) as opposed to cognitive processes.

It's a long time away yet, but I was intending on applying for graduate entry medicine upon graduation of my Psychology degree. However, I do have a few questions that I hope some might be able to help me with;

First of all, I was looking into the armed forces cadetship, and the only information I can find refers to being funded for the last three years of an undergraduate medical degree, and then doing the FY1, FY2, etc training in the army before joining the army as a medic of some description. But what about graduate entry? Is there any way of signing up for a cadetship in this instance - because the structure of the final three years is essentially the same as the 5/6 year route, right? However the NHS pays for the final three years of tuition fees normally, so what would happen there?

Also, with regards to the specialisation training whilst in the army, is it limited to only specific ones which relate to the army? i.e. trauma, A&E, etc .. because I had a strong interest in Neurology but I wasn't sure if I could be training in this area within the Army.

Finally (you'll be glad to hear!), since I want to join the cadetship upon the final 3 years of my (hopeful) Grad entry med degree, is there any funding I could get now in my current degree? i.e. "Hi, I'm doing a psych degree, but after this I'm going to do a medical degree and join the army - money please?"

Thanks for reading and any help is appreciated :D
Contact the RAMC directly. They are extremely helpful and will guide you through the entire process if you're eligible. IF you don;t have contact details then PM me and I'll see if I can dig them out for you.


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My experience is out of date ( and perhaps not directly relevant as was for RADC rather than RAMC)

My understanding of it was that due to a combination of longer course than other subjects and higher failure rate, especially in early years, then traditionally the Army Medical Services has only given cadetships for final few years.

I found dealing with RADC direct far more informative than going through normal recruiting offices as it was a faitly specialised recruitment process.

It's as simple as putting RAMC into google and following links.
AMS is pretty flush with cadets at the moment, so you need to apply well in advance; so follow the advice above and get in touch with RAMC asap. Requirements for specialists varies, and medical training is long, so get a dialogue underway now. Good luck.

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