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Hello guys,

I've applied to join the army and been rejected on two medical grounds. I've been told to appeal which i'm going too but just wanted to get any advice or previous experiences from people.

One of them is depression.
I got diagnosed with depression at 14 years old in 2009 due to being bullied at school. I took medication for 6 months. (I'd like to add that despite all that shite, i'm pretty good at channelling shit into positivity as despite my teachers telling me I was going to fail, I went on to get a minimum of an A in every single one of my GCSE's)
I had another spell in November last year; they gave me medication, which I took for 2 weeks and then decided I didn't need it and went back to the doctor and she said I was fine then without it.
This again, was a pretty shit time. I had split up with my long term boyfriend and he took one of the dogs (i love dogs more than humans haha), i had been forced into a new job role which I absolutely hate, my lodger also moved out so i'm left running a 3 bedroom housed off my one wage so money is tight, I also had problems with friends as me and my ex shared them so basically lost them too, I was feeling alone, under financial strain and not sure where my career was going. Despite that, I've remained in my job, kept my house and am dealing okay, but i'm trying to change my crappy situation, hence applying for the army, to give my life some direction and find a career I can enjoy.
Whats the right way to go about appealing this?
Is getting my doctor to say i'm of sound mind to go into the army a good route? Or should I more go into detail about my bouts of depression to show that despite me being depressed, it didn't really effect anything in my life in terms of: I still went to work, and went about life as normal, I just felt a bit pants doing it haha.

The second one was Chronic back pain
- this is something I didn't even know I had. So I think my grounds for appeal are much stronger on this. I remember going to the doctors and being told there was nothing wrong with my back, it was more of a case that I worked a desk job and had pore posture as a result which was causing problems. Something that wouldn't happen in the Army because i'd be a lot more active?
And also to add, since adjusting my work station, becoming more active and not spending so long at a desk, I no longer have this problem and it never prevented me from doing anything, the only issue was being stiff at night going from sitting to a desk all day to sleeping in a bed all night...

Any advice or suggestion would be awesome :D
You'll get a telling off for not posting in the sticky. Also, I'm not an expert and am only going off what I've read of other peoples appeals and what they claim the truth was.

I think you're going to be out of luck with your depression, probably won't be a bar but you might end up having to wait a couple of years since your most recent script was well, so recent. It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. The only stumbling block will be because it seems to be more than a one-off occurrence.

In terms of the back pain, just get your doc to write a letter of support of that's the case, if you have a larger GP practice (more than 3 or 4 GPs), they may have someone who specialises in that area who's word may have a bit more authority in your appeal.
Woops, I still haven't quite grasped how these forums work haha.

Yeah.. I mean i'm totally okay with waiting however long, I thought that was going to be the case but the way they worded it in the letter was more a case of "you've had two bouts of depression, that stops you from entering full stop". which I was surprised at, it doesn't say that on their website.

Cool Thanks :D
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