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hi i am appealing against the result of my medical as it said i am incompatiabile with military service because of 3 uneaxplained loss of counciscness's in 1992, 1998 and 2004 the one one in 98 was cos of a head injury and i cant rember what the other ones were for, i am getting a letter wriiten from a specialist eaxplaining that i am at the same chance of losing counscissnoss as anyone else and he is digging out my hospital records what do you guys think will happen, as i really want to get in and it is all i ever wanted. and wat should i write in my appeal letter.


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For starters I'd suggest you use a spell checker. Secondly have you posted this before as it seems awfully familiar and thirdly if you don't know why you've blacked out then perhaps it could happen again and in a combat situation when other peoples lives could be at risk then your more of a liability than an asset. But then again I'm not qualified to say either way.

I knew I'd seen this before.

Was the answer you got last time not good enough?
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