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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sparkysrevenge, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. I am a member of the AMMA committee.
    If you what information about martial arts that available and contacts, please let me know.
    We have are 3 main arts, they are karate, kendo and both types of taekwondo.
    We also surpport other martial artist from other styles, we will surpport you with advise and maybe money no matter what your art.
    We have had a number of people competing all over the world in all types of martial arts.
    We have MMA and kickboxing coming in, or though the MMA is more combat grappling.
    This to get it past the sport control board, they have a team manager and captain.
    But i am sure that if all you guys joined up and did your bit, it would develop in the right direction.
    As for kickboxing it is at early stages, but looking good. it helps that all the kickboxing groups are trying to make a single governing body.

    Would love to hear from all martial artist out there to see what we can do to surpport you all.
  2. That's what i love about squadies, u try to help and there is always some waiting to kick u in the nuts. lol
    cheers for your help, can't wait for your next bit of advise.
  3. Is "AMMA" A Modern Military Auntie? Related to the Mother?

    Sorry for being facious, but I am an Aikido 1st dan. (although not practicing)
  4. My fault in my rush to get this post on line i made a few mistakes. lol

    amaa (army martial arts association).
  5. "facious" that a sex act because it has no other meaning; and you presumably mean "practising". You're a pedantophile aren't you?
  6. It is a sex act, you got me. I thought the thread was about "Marital Aids".

    "pedantophile" - someone who loves walking?
  7. Why taekwondo?

    It's not even a bad banda-copy of Karate.
  8. Why not teach something that might be useful and work in a real situation ?
  9. Aikido - You seen any early Steven Seagal films?
  10. Taekwondo because it has a sport side to it.
    It is an Olympic event and one of the most practiced martial arts in the world.
    Some of the best K1 fighters have a history in TKD.
    Also i read in a MMA magazine only last month that alot of MMA fighters are taking up TKD.
    The problem with TKD is to find a good instructor/club, but i think that goes with all martial arts.
    Its not hard to get people time out of work if they come back with medals, after all that's what CO'S like.
  11. Yes I have, If you have a number of years to in slow mo then happy days, I'm not knocking aikido,
  12. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    You sure you aren't thinking of Tai Chi? Cos the Aikido I've done at two clubs is anything but sl-mo and is downright nasty. Then again a few years back at a national seminar I was training with a bloke wearing hakama and I didn't think I KNEW I was better than him at 4th-going-on-3rd Kyu. Some utter muppets out there for all martial arts (St. Jimbo the Dwarf being one from his videos)
  13. At this moment in time we run a week long kendo course and a week long martial arts course every year.
    The martial arts course changes every year, every day is set aside to a different martial art.
    This year we are looking at a Krav day.
    We have had jujitsu, aikido and weapons days before.
    We also have 2 army opens a year and there is the inter services as well.
    Members have also been on sports tours to Japan and south Korea in the past, we are looking to do this again soon and more.
    I am looking into setting up a TKD course next year for beginners.
    If u think u can add value to the association then join us, i love to learn new stuff.
    The MMA guys are looking to set up a course and test event soon as well.
  14. Oooh goody goody, a weeks course.

    Does that include the 'stare down' and the how to put a bobble in your pony tail instruction?

    "you put your leg here, I'll put mine there, no dont grab me like that, yeas there we go, now brace yourself, we'll both turn that way then you go first an fall over and I'll break your fall and wee'll hopefully pull this off without dislocating each others hips and shoulders and we'll look nails as ****....when do we get our pink belts.....gimme gimmee gggiiiimmmeeeee!!!!"
  15. What's a krav day ? U mean Krav maga ? Now that system works in the real world , ask any Isralie :) even better there's no pink belts or any other belts either