Army marrying RAF, recognised?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by winny777, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Hi.

    My girlfriend of 6 years is in the RAF and i start my basic in Feb. Were looking to get married when shes back from Afghan and ive finished basic.

    Just wondering if the forces overall would recognise this and try to accomidate where possible. As in postings and marriage quarters. For example shes an IT tech based at Leeming and im aware they have a few signallers there ( which is what im going in to)

  2. Thanks mate good news.
  3. If you agree with horses breeding with chimpanzees, there shouldn't be an issue.
  4. Fixed that for you!
  5. Well who's the chimpanzee?
  6. I used to serve on an RAF station, and two of our (Army) blokes married WRAFs, they were accommodating .

    Also better educated than Army wifes.
  7. Marry into the RAF?

    I'd rather marry a chav.
  8. There also better looking. Raf birds are better looking by miles. Then followed by the WRNS. Then its genrally stuff like dental corps. With REME VMS and RE firmly last lol.
  9. If you dont recognise each other then perhaps you shouldn't be getting married.I think people have got in trouble for not knowing each other when they get to the register office.
  10. I'm fuckin glad I left the reme when I did. They had just started to train them as vms. What a bunch of growlers thye were.
  11. Not to mention the Reccy Mechs! I wonder how many there are now?

    To the OP: It boils down to how many places there are that have both her trade and yours and timing of availability of those posts.

    You will also need to do some career courses in between postings which will vary in length depending on trade. I guess she will too. What trade are you doing?

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  12. With a sporting chance of knowing that it's spelt 'wives' too...
  13. Well V_M you should know that :
    Orffithers and their Laydeezzz
    Thenior Wankths and their WIFFES
    Juniors and there wimmin